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Lots of Kriegsmarine Admirals to ID on a group photo

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This is a thread I started a while ago on the Axis history forum, but had no luck there.

My goal is to identify the Admirals on these photos.
This is the ceremony of Erich Raeder being promoted to Großadmiral on board the Scharnhorst in Wilhelmshaven on 1 April 1939. The date is important to narrow down the search. Also the "Tirpitz" was launched the same day.
I hope you can help. Open the photos in a new tab to zoom them in a bit. They are possibly placed in seniority order. Feel free to correct any mistakes and comment below if you have any ideas.

1 Admiral Conrad Albrecht (promoted the same day to Generaladmiral)
2 ???
3 Hafenbaudirektor Karl Tiburtius
4 ???
5 ???
6 Vizeadmiral Friedrich Götting
7 ??? (face barely visible)
8 ???
9 Possibly Marineoberbaudirektor Prof.Dipl.Ing. Hermann Burkhardt ??? (he is ID'd on a different photo from the same date, the launching of the Tirpitz)
10 Vizeadmiral Hans-Herbert Stobwasser ??? (I don't think he is Stobwasser)
a ??? (again he is too short so the face isn't visible)
b Vizeadmiral Günther Guse
c ???
d Vizeadmiral Hermann von Fischel
e ???
f Vizeadmiral (Ing.) Hans Fechter
g Vizeadmiral Hermann Densch
h ???
i Vizeadmiral Wilhelm Marschall
j Charakter als Vizeadmiral Ernst Wolf
k Charakter als Vizeadmiral Kurt Aßmann
Admiral between k and l ??? (barely visible)
l Konteradmiral Heinrich Ancker ??? (I am not sure about this one either)
m Konteradmiral Witold Rother
n Konteradmiral Raul Mewis
o Konteradmiral Otto von Schrader ??? (pretty sure it isn't von Schrader)
p Konteradmiral Werner Grassmann
q Konteradmiral Günther Lütjens
r Konteradmiral Otto Schniewind
s Konteradmiral Conrad Patzig
t Konteradmiral Otto Hormel ??? (again, not sure about this one)
u Vizeadmiral Willy von Nordeck (he can be seen in detail on the last photo of this post)

To help ID the rest of the Admirals I compiled a list of all the Admirals that held either the Konteradmiral, Vizeadmiral, Admiral or Generaladmiral rank (or Charakter of those ranks) as of 01 April 1939 (i.e. the date these photos were taken) and were active at that time in the Kriegsmarine. I also wrote in the brackets the ones already identified on the photo:

Alfred Saalwächter, Admiral
Conrad Albrecht (ID number "1"), Admiral
Hermann Boehm, Admiral
Karl Witzell, Admiral
Otto Schniewind (ID "r"), Konteradmiral
Otto Schultze (he was placed at the disposal of the Kriegsmarine, not in active service), Admiral
Rolf Carls, Admiral
Walter Warzecha, Konteradmiral
Wilhelm Marschall (ID "i"), Vizeadmiral
Conrad Patzig (ID "s"), Konteradmiral
Erich Zieger, Konteradmiral (Ing.)
Eugen Lindau, Vizeadmiral
Günther Guse (ID "b"), Vizeadmiral
Günther Lütjens (ID "q"), Konteradmiral
Hans Fechter (ID "f"), Vizeadmiral (Ing.)
Hermann Densch (ID "g"), Vizeadmiral

Hermann Mootz, Konteradmiral
Hermann von Fischel (ID "d"), Vizeadmiral
Hubert Schmundt, Konteradmiral
Karlgeorg Schuster, Vizeadmiral
Max Bastian, Admiral
Otto Hormel (ID "t", I am not sure about this one being Hormel, any ideas?), Konteradmiral
Otto von Schrader (ID "o", I am not sure about this one being von Schrader, any ideas?), Konteradmiral

Paul Fanger, Konteradmiral
Raul Mewis (ID "n"), Konteradmiral
Werner Fuchs, Konteradmiral
Wilhelm Canaris, Vizeadmiral
Willy von Nordeck (ID "u", Admiral right of "t"), Vizeadmiral
Adalbert Schüssler, Charakter als Konteradmiral
Ernst Wolf (ID "j"), Charakter als Vizeadmiral
Friedrich Götting (ID "6"), Vizeadmiral

Georg Reimer, Charakter als Konteradmiral
Hans Stohwasser, Charakter als Konteradmiral
Hans-Herbert Stobwasser (ID "10", I am not sure about this one being Stobwasser, any ideas?), Vizeadmiral
Heinrich Ancker (ID "l", I am not sure about this one being Ancker, any ideas?), Konteradmiral

Karl Thäter, Konteradmiral Ing.
Kurt Aßmann (ID "k"), Charakter als Vizeadmiral
Robert Witthoeft-Emden, Vizeadmiral
Siegfried Maßmann, Charakter als Vizeadmiral
Thilo von Seebach, Konteradmiral
Walter Matthiae, Charakter als Konteradmiral
Werner Bettenhäuser, Konteradmiral Ing.
Werner Grassmann (ID "p"), Konteradmiral
Witold Rother (ID "m"), Konteradmiral

Erich Mahrholz, Charakter als Konteradmiral
Hans-Hermann Graf von Schweinitz und Krain Freiherr von Kauder, Charakter als Konteradmiral
Hasso von Bredow, Charakter als Konteradmiral
Kurt Ramien, Konteradmiral
Peter Christian Donner, Charakter als Konteradmiral


Many thanks!


image (1).jpg

Admiral Raeder holding the baton given to him by Hitler on his appointment as Grand Admiral aboard the Scharnhorst%252C probably in Wilhelmshaven%252C4 1939.jpg

Schlachtschiffs Tirpitz%252C1 4 1939.jpg

image (2).jpg


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