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    Resistance-SOE-Sylvestre Farmer Network

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    I have recently happened upon a second variation of the medal awarded for this network. Originally I had read there were two versions of this cross, a silvered-brass version and a brass version but they both displayed the same suspension. This recent acquisition has a different suspension which corresponds to the miniature versions I have previously seen on the web. I struggled to find any crosses similar to the second suspension but eventually located one in a photograph of medals awarded to Jaques Neyme at http://polices.mobiles.free.fr/biographies/bio_neyme.html .

    Does anyone else have anything to confirm of contradict my views?

    This network is a very interesting one in relation to the SOE and Captain Michael Trotobas whose biography I am currently reading.

    Here are some links for anyone who is interested.








    1st Suspension-Silvered Bronze

    France-Cross of Recognition of the Sylvestre Farmer Network-O-P175.JPG


    France-Cross of Recognition of the Sylvestre Farmer Network-R.JPG

    Sorry I can't manage to upload the reverse of the first picture or comparison pictures, probably too big I guess.

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    Hi just spotted your post & thought I would add to it. I recently came across one of these (see pictures) & originally had no idea what it was, had I have discovered the forum earlier it would have saved me about 3 weeks of research! Mine had a different fixing, made in UK, & has now gone to someone who was making a display on the resistance for a local museum.





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