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    Allied WW2 medals, especially Resistance related medals including Official,Unofficial & Commemorative versions.

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  1. Hi Gents Does anyone have any information they can share on this cross please? Cheers Dave
  2. This medal was created in 1954. Can anyone tell me whether it was awarded retrospectively for WW2 please?
  3. I recently obtained these 2 medals with documents. I am intrigued by the fact they were awarded to a female again, but this time I am lead to believe a "Scout Sister" who worked as a courier. Here are details I have been given or managed to find with the name displayed on the documents: She was a Scout Sister who defended Katowice in Sep 1939 Memories hm. Weronika Cubert from The Work of the Emergency Scouts during the occupation in Katowcie-Zaleze Weronika Cubert-Zaleska War courier of the Home Army District HQ Silesia I have also seen the spelling Weroniki I would love to find out any information anyone else can kindly unearth especially her date of birth to establish how old she was at the breakout of war etc. Cheers Dave
  4. Hi Gents I have recently acquired this medal but the only description I can find in Alec A. Purves "The Medals Decorations & Orders of the Second World War" begins the detail as "A silver cross pattee with ribbed arms and small ball finial". There is an example similar to this shown on the eMedals site within sold Mexican items. Can anyone confirm whether this might be an earlier version than that described (due to the enameling and reverse ribbon loop for example) ? Thanks in anticipation Dave
  5. Yes, I did try that line of enquiry but alas I didn't manage to find out anything useful.
  6. Yes, that would make sense, it looks as though there might have been a pin attachment of some description at the top. It just lacks any kind of written indication to which Society, Organisation it relates to.
  7. Hi Paul This cross was a late award in 1989 to Polish Armed Forces in the West, i.e. those soldiers who fought alongside the Western Allies against the Axis forces.(Polish Forces in the East would have been those soldiers who fought with the Soviets). The Home Army was the Resistance movement in Poland itself.
  8. This cross has 15 official clasps available with the relevant theatre of service upon it. I am afraid the Arnhem clasp is attached to the wrong ribbon and the Wilhelmshaven is pictured twice.
  9. Seasons Greetings to all. With the help of several of you in this club I have managed to obtain the following clasps, ideally I would have liked to have them all to have been the same style, but alas to date that has proved impossible for me. I have read varying details mentioned with regards to the numbers of clasps available but believe 36 official ones to be the correct number. There are also unofficial clasps of which I have 6 on show here, being the top 6 examples on the large ribbon. Cheers Dave
  10. Thanks, it is how I bought it I am afraid but explains the lack of definition on the combatant in comparison to those previously shown.
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