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    Allied WW2 medals, especially Resistance related medals including Official,Unofficial & Commemorative versions.

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  1. Thanks, it is how I bought it I am afraid but explains the lack of definition on the combatant in comparison to those previously shown.
  2. Hi Gents Can anyone please provide me with information regarding the difference in the versions of this medal. Are they different grades,different periods of production or different manufacturers maybe? Cheers Dave
  3. Hi Guys, what are your opinions on this one please. Dave
  4. Here are two different versions of the medal and a numbered badge. As far as I am aware the first version of the medal has a "dot" in the letter theta on the reverse, whilst the second has a "dash". The badge has a similar design to the medal,although the image and lettering are both on the front of the badge. A slight difference you can see is that although the medal has the years 1941-1945 the badge is dated 1941-1944.As it is also numbered on the back I wondered If any one has any information they could share on it's origin/awarding etc please? I realise there are also different manufacturers of the medal with slight differences in the flag for example, if anyone has any of these, please add them to the thread.
  5. Brilliant, thanks Pat,these are very informative and helpful. Dave
  6. Thanks Pat, I look forward to seeing the photograph. Dave
  7. Hi Gents Here are 2 different versions of the medal, the left with Paris Mint markings on the reverse. Can anyone please provide any information on the origins of the smaller version on the left please? I have seen versions like this marked with metal on the top of the suspension but this does not appear to have any markings (that I have noticed). Cheers Dave
  8. I recently acquired this 3rd Class with a screwback that has 3 holes in it. I have not seen one like this before.
  9. Hi Guys I was not really sure where to post this, but hopefully someone might have an idea what this may relate to please? Cheers Dave
  10. Hi Guys I have just seen the attached medal for the first time and I can not find any information about it. Can anybody help please? The reverse is blank. Cheers Dave
  11. I attach a few WW2 related awards I have accumulated and some of the paperwork which originally accompanied them when received. Please feel free to add yours.
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