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    Allied WW2 medals, especially Resistance related medals including Official,Unofficial & Commemorative versions.

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  1. Hi Guys I have just obtained this cap badge which I believe has the markings for J R Gaunt & Son and Birmingham 1944 . I can't see any similar cap badges with this style of pin attachment, is it authentic? Cheers Dave
  2. Yes Owain, a far more plausible explanation. I did wonder how there were no random spots elsewhere on the cross, especially in recessed areas. Cheers Dave
  3. Here is an example(with ribbon reversed) where the silvering has been almost completely removed, apart from the very top of the reverse.
  4. Here is the first version of the medal
  5. Here are another couple of examples, sadly the miniature is not matching the numbered badge.
  6. Awarded for heroism during wartime. Here are examples of the 3 classes-1st Class Gold, 2nd Class Silver and 3rd Class Bronze X2 in 3 different sizes with 3 different versions of crown.
  7. Here is the third "Resistance" / Medal of the Patriots of the Interior / Underground Medal made by Sevadjian. An obvious difference from the English Mappin & Webb version shown earlier in the thread is that the Emperor has medals on his uniform and another is the style of lettering. After lots of searching I finally found this one, I just need the other 2 now !!
  8. HI Emmanuel I mentioned France because the Luxembourg Order of the Resistance medal I have was made by Arthus Bertrand, so I wondered if they might have also made a version of the War Cross. Dave
  9. Hi Emmanuel Wow, different makers from different countries in different eras? France, Belgium, England???? It will be interesting to see what information others may be able to provide. Dave
  10. Hi Megan Are these images of the same cross? It appears the obverse is lacking the small cross on top of the ball connecting the ribbon ring, which is sometimes obstructed by the ribbon, but not it appears in this image. Your version also has a cut out crown similar to that of the Cross of the Order of Resistance, do you or anyone else know if this is the original version, as most images I can find appear without the cutout as the attached example. Cheers Dave
  11. Hi Gordon Thanks, I did actually use Dewald, when he was finally able to gain access to the information. I did only recently post the actual commendation details on Tuesday, you must have missed it, or maybe I didn't make it clear enough(apologies). I should have maybe mentioned my award was to a F/Sgt in the SAWAAF. Stay safe Dave
  12. The commendation to the SAWAAF read: "This N.C.O. has rendered very valuable and faithful service during a very difficult period and has at all times carried out her duties with tact, energy and cheerfulness."
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