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    Allied WW2 medals, especially Resistance related medals including Official,Unofficial & Commemorative versions.

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  1. I attach a few WW2 related awards I have accumulated and some of the paperwork which originally accompanied them when received. Please feel free to add yours.
  2. Here is the award document that accompanied the medal.
  3. Hi Guys Here is quite a simple bar I recently acquired. I would be interested in your opinions on it please with regards manufacturer,age,authenticity etc. I believe it consists of: Navy Presidential Unit Citation with star(I wanted it to be blue but don't think it is) Navy good conduct medal with 3 stars American Defense Service Medal with A device(as discussed previously on this thread) It has SER 204 on the reverse of the bar The ribbons appear to be named inside the bar-not seen this before. Cheers Dave
  4. Shots Dave


    I believe this one is the Moroccan Order of Ouissam Alaouite
  5. Shots Dave


    No sorry, not really my field of knowledge. From what I can see online, I cant see an obvious match, hopefully someone else will be able to assist you. There is a previous discussion here:
  6. Shots Dave


  7. Hi Guys This could be in the wrong section I am afraid, but the medal housed in the box when I received it was a Czech Military Medal of Merit 2nd class. I do not think it the right case for this medal so wondered if anyone could suggest which country it is from and what medal should be housed in it please. Cheers Dave
  8. Different versions of the Gold Cross Medal Different versions of the Military Merit Medal Different versions of The Wounded Personnel Medal Different versions of the Resistance Movement Medal
  9. Different versions of the Liberation medal.
  10. Thank you Giorgos for adding your images and providing some very useful information. Dave
  11. I recently saw this 1939-1945 Overseas Service medal with an attached brooch made by Spink & Son. I can not guarantee it's authenticity but believe Spink & Son did make medals for Bahawalpur so it could be original. I am sure someone will put me right if I am mistaken.
  12. Hi Gents I have recently acquired the attached FFI badges which have been numbered. Does anyone happen to know if you can find the name of the recipients of either please ? I ask because I received the medals in the picture with the one badge, and would like to know if they belonged to the same Veteran, it being very possible that he served in WW1 and then became part of the Resistance in WW2. Thanks in anticipation Dave
  13. Many thanks Graham.
  14. Finally in 2007 DEFRA(Dept for Environment,Food & Rural Affairs) made an award available to veteran women who had served in the WLA & WTC. The badge was issued on 6 December 2007 and claimants needed to alive at this date to be entitled to claim it though!! They were accompanied by a certificate of thanks on behalf of the nation, signed by the Prime Minister.
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