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    Allied WW2 medals, especially Resistance related medals including Official,Unofficial & Commemorative versions.

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  1. Here are another couple of examples, sadly the miniature is not matching the numbered badge.
  2. Awarded for heroism during wartime. Here are examples of the 3 classes-1st Class Gold, 2nd Class Silver and 3rd Class Bronze X2 in 3 different sizes with 3 different versions of crown.
  3. Here is the third "Resistance" / Medal of the Patriots of the Interior / Underground Medal made by Sevadjian. An obvious difference from the English Mappin & Webb version shown earlier in the thread is that the Emperor has medals on his uniform and another is the style of lettering. After lots of searching I finally found this one, I just need the other 2 now !!
  4. HI Emmanuel I mentioned France because the Luxembourg Order of the Resistance medal I have was made by Arthus Bertrand, so I wondered if they might have also made a version of the War Cross. Dave
  5. Hi Emmanuel Wow, different makers from different countries in different eras? France, Belgium, England???? It will be interesting to see what information others may be able to provide. Dave
  6. Hi Megan Are these images of the same cross? It appears the obverse is lacking the small cross on top of the ball connecting the ribbon ring, which is sometimes obstructed by the ribbon, but not it appears in this image. Your version also has a cut out crown similar to that of the Cross of the Order of Resistance, do you or anyone else know if this is the original version, as most images I can find appear without the cutout as the attached example. Cheers Dave
  7. Hi Gordon Thanks, I did actually use Dewald, when he was finally able to gain access to the information. I did only recently post the actual commendation details on Tuesday, you must have missed it, or maybe I didn't make it clear enough(apologies). I should have maybe mentioned my award was to a F/Sgt in the SAWAAF. Stay safe Dave
  8. The commendation to the SAWAAF read: "This N.C.O. has rendered very valuable and faithful service during a very difficult period and has at all times carried out her duties with tact, energy and cheerfulness."
  9. Czechoslovak Military Medal of Merit(Československá vojenská medaile za zásluhy) Continuing on from the earlier posting, here are some comparisons of what I believe to be the silver 1st Class English & Czech versions (English on the left in the first 2 images but on the right on the 3rd). They are easily distinguishable when seen together, the other characteristic which I personally use is the "V" over the C in C.S.R. but it is only an observation I have made not that I have had confirmed anywhere else.
  10. Hi Gents I have recently acquired this Nepalese Assam-Burma Medal which I believe was awarded for WW2 service in this theatre of war. I can find very little information on this award and have seen examples presented with both sides of the medal treated as the obverse. I think the ribbon on this example may be back to front as it would make sense to me that the side with the Kukri is the actual obverse, as the bravery medal issued in the same time also has the same image of the Nepalese flag on one side. Any information anyone can share would be much appreciated. Cheers Dave
  11. I did place a question mark due to my uncertainty, but that is in fact where I bought it from and the ribbon is from the Belgian 1940-1945 Colonial War Effort medal. I think some of the Belgian Association medals do appear to use other official ribbons, unless people have just added them themselves? With the initials which I presume relate to the Organisation that presented the medal, it doesn't appear dis-similar to other Belgian Association medals.I am more than happy to be proved wrong though.
  12. Hi Gents I have recently seen this medal and wondered if anyone could shed any light on its origins please? Cheers Dave
  13. Hi Peter, I don't have any details currently about this specific award, but when lockdown is over I will endeavour to find out what I can about the recipient and hopefully what they received the Commendation for.
  14. Here is the Africa Service Medal with a bronze King Protea flower emblem representing a King's Commendation which is equal to a mention in despatches but awarded for services away from the battlefield.
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