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  1. Good morning I realise the military version of this award was the bronze oak leaf device identical to the mentioned in dispatches(MID). It is the civilian silver badge I am particularly interested in. When the King died and this award became the Queen's version, the design remained unaltered. I am trying to establish if there is any way of distinguishing between the two awards. There appear to be two types of reverse, one plain and one with silver and the registration number RD 847363, in different locations I have seen. Are these a clue, are the brooch attachments different maybe? Does anyone have/or have you seen any information in relation to this or an example of the box the King's badge/s were originally awarded in please? Below are a couple of examples of images I have managed to locate. Looking online for examples of the badge in wear I can only find them relating to "Jackie" Moggridge, who was one of 3 women of the 18 members of the ATA(Air Transport Auxiliary) who received this award. A very interesting story in itself, if anyone is interested I have placed some links below. Amy Johnson lost her life in service in the ATA during WW2. https://www.jackiemoggridgespitfiregirl.com/ https://atamuseum.org/ http://www.afleetingpeace.org/the-ata/index.php Cheers Dave
  2. The following medal is named to 1288 CONST.U.A.PUNCHIRALA,CEYLON POLICE FORCE .I have no proof of the award of the War Medal 1939-1945, but would like to think that whoever went to the trouble of mounting and displaying them did. If anyone has/can find any further information on the recipient it would be gratefully received. Cheers Dave
  3. Here are some more images: 1-Boxed version 2-Reverse of medal 3-Picture of a veteran at this years's D-Day Commemoration with the medal
  4. Here is a different Sylvestre-Farmer award document to a different recipient with an example of the medal it relates to.
  5. Hi Gentlemen I have finally managed to obtain this Resistance Interalliee cross and would like to now find out any information about the Association that it belongs to that anyone may have please?
  6. Thanks for the interest Gordon. Your reply has highlighted a lack of clear explanation from me. The medals with the W prefix relating to the Women's Auxiliary Army Service belonged to the sister, I am afraid I do not have the medal entitlement to her brother who was awarded the 1939-1945 Star, Africa Star, War Medal and Africa Service Medal.
  7. I saw the attached collection and thought at the time I might be able to finally get an example of a WW2 South African Plaque of Remembrance and also get an example of a W prefix Africa Service medal, which at the time I did not have. The fact they were brother and sister was a touching addition to the grouping, then there was the press cutting with a picture of the recipient and the letter of condolence to their mother from the King. Now as my main area is the medal collecting I failed to notice the significance of the circumstances of his death at Kisumu on 19/12/42. I searched the surname recently on a Facebook group and it revealed all the 12 names of the passengers and crew on board the flight. The passengers included Major General "Dan" Daniel Hermanus Pienaar and further investigation revealed that all 12 men were unusually repatriated to South Africa. Having spent most of my time searching for examples of different WW2 medals I am now beginning to greater appreciate being able to discover the men/women behind the medals where it is possible and South African medals being named is a great help.
  8. Hi Guys I have just obtained this cap badge which I believe has the markings for J R Gaunt & Son and Birmingham 1944 . I can't see any similar cap badges with this style of pin attachment, is it authentic? Cheers Dave
  9. Yes Owain, a far more plausible explanation. I did wonder how there were no random spots elsewhere on the cross, especially in recessed areas. Cheers Dave
  10. Here is an example(with ribbon reversed) where the silvering has been almost completely removed, apart from the very top of the reverse.
  11. Here is the first version of the medal
  12. Here are another couple of examples, sadly the miniature is not matching the numbered badge.
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