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    Japanese Door Badges

    Brian Wolfe

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    Japanese Door Badges


    I’ve followed this section for quite a number of years now yet seldom post mainly because I don’t have a lot that hasn’t been shown many times before.  While I never get tired of seeing yet another Golden Kite much like the Iron Cross guys I rather thought that perhaps not everyone feels that way.   On the other hand I haven’t been very supportive of the Japan section so with that in mind I am posting specimens from my small Japanese Door Badges collection.


    As an introduction I’ll quote the section from “In the Name of a Living God”, Paul L. Murphy & Steven L. Ackley, Chapter 13 as I could not say this any better.


    “Most of the societies whose badges as featured in this book issued door badges to their members in addition to the normal membership and merit awards.  These were intended to be affixed to the home entrance to indicate that the owner was a member of the relevant society.  The use of door badges continues in modern Japan although most are now in the form of adhesive stickers.


    The badges used before 1945 were made from a variety of materials and a sample of badges from the main organizations follow.  Most door badges incorporate some society badge and the membership class representation. In some cases they also have the recipient’s name.”


    I have a few of these so it may take several posts to get the whole collection up, more a matter of my slow photography skills then any vast number of specimens. So please be patient.





    The first specimen (below) is, “Member” of the Greater Japan Wounded Veteran’s Association. (An early badge, 1913 – 38)



    Sorry About that last photo, it didn't look like our forum was going to accept Photoshop sizing and I panicked.:blush:


    This badge is to a member of the Wounded Servicemen's association from Chiba Prefecture.


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    Wounded Soldier's Wives Association


    I should have stated that most of the badges in my collection are made of a light weight metal unless noted otherwise.

    In this case the badge is made of wood.

    Bereaved Family WWII KIA



    "Full Member" of the Imperial Time Expired Soldier's League.


    "Member" of the Imperial Time Expired Soldier" League.



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    This is a wooded badge.

    "Member" Patriotic Women's Association (Aikoku Fujin Kai)




    Imperial Military Reserve Association (Teikoku Zaigo Gunjinkai) Member.


    This door badge is wooden.

    "Member" of the Imperial Navy Association






    This is a wooden door badge.

    Imperial Friends of the Military Association.

    Located in Ishindencho Mie Prefecture


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    This door badge came with the original box and even the small brads (tacks) to mount it.

    "Member" of the Japanese Red Cross Society.



    This Red Cross Door Badge is made from a pressed paper product similar to the material used for today's egg cartons.


    "Member" of the Japanese Red Cross Society.


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    Supporting Member of the Manchukuo Red Cross Society 1938-1945



    This is a porcelain door badge, a specimen I am very fortunate to own as these must have been quite fragile.

    Imperial Japanese Seafarers Relief Association (Nihon Kalin Ekisaikai)





    To finish off my collection here is a post war issue door badge and pin backed badge.

    I have other Japanese Red Cross associated items that I may post at a later date on a different thread.

    "Full Member of the Japanese Red Cross Society".


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