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    1911 King George V Medal, privately named to Sir William Fleming Russell Kt.

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    Hi all. I managed to win said 1911 King George V Medal, privately named to Sir William Fleming Russell Kt. I wondered if anyone might be able to provide me with any information on Sir William? I believe I found a couple of pictures of him (by Bassano Ltd.) and a small amount of information (1851-1925) President of the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce. Hoping some of our members might be able to provide more information on him.

    Many thanks in advance!





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    Hello Dan.  I've just found your post and wanted to add some information.  Sir William Fleming Russell was my great-grandfather.  He was a Glasgow/Ayr-based businessman, and President of the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.  He had three children - two daughters - Maureen (my grandmother 1918-1997), Marjorie and one son, Fleming.  I'm afraid I don't know a huge amount about his life, as I was born many years after his death but the link the vendor sent you with the medal is for someone else entirely.  Sorry this isn't more information, but it at least corrects the error that mistakenly links him with the Duke of Bedford!  Hope this is a helpful, Helen.

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