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Do you know something about this Order of Victory?

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I hope someone can help me with another Order out of my little collection. It is an older Copy of the Order of Victory. Perhaps this Order is known in  a few countries.Best I can do is to show you some pictures.Here are three from the Frontside. The Order was in that box from the first Photo. The box is made in Germany, I believe they had produced it for this Meznumismatika.

Oh, I can only upload one Photo and now I have reached the Max.I do it in another Post.





Here are the two other Photos. I thought all the time the Order was made of silver, but it is at least 25 Years old and there is no

Sulfisation or Patina. The Colour looks like silver, but I'm sure it is not.



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I d'ont really understand this. Certainly it's a Copy. But had they produced some Copys and this is a Copy of the Copy?

I have made a picture search with russian letters and found better pictures from this Copy out of the Stalin bunker.It looked a little bit different to this.

Thanks for your help.

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Well, to know what kind of copy it is, one would need to have some information from the manufacturer. I have no idea what it could be located. 

If it is MEZHNUMIZMATIKA, then I already gave you info, that it produced some copies for sale in the western countries. But, as I know, they were producing quite high quality copies, often in precious metals. The quality of your copy seems to be on a lower side.

Here is a reverse of an original VICTORY order.


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I think it is nothing with precious metal. I thouht all the time that Mezhnumizmatika was a fair for mint and orders and stuff like this. I rather not believe that this piece is produced by Mezhnumizmatika.



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