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    WW1 other ranks jacket

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    Good evening Gentlemen,

    A very good friend of mine has recently given me what looks like a 1907 pattern other ranks' jacket with Royal Engineers collar badges.

    I recall he bought it in the mid-eighties.

    In the inside, apart from various off-white painted markings, there is a tag with the Broad Arrow stating "... 1942", printed in blue. (See the pictures in attachment).

    Was this pattern still in use in the British Forces during WW2? I thought it was already replaced then by the waist-long battledress. Or is it a relic from "Dad's Army"?

    Could anyone help me finding out?  Thank you in advance. Best regards, J-S K







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    It's a 1922 pattern tunic and a nice large size too. Very similar to the WWI style of tunic, I find the easiest way of telling the difference are the lack of pleats under the collar of the 1922 pattern.

    Yes, the 1922 tunic was still in use in WWII. I've just had a quick check online and saw one on a dealer's site, it said they were worn into the 1960s.

    I believe the O stamp is a date code for 1942.

    This link will show the differences between the WWI style and your one http://www.kaisersbunker.com/ceftp/5button.htm 

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    Thanks a lot TONY for this most valuable link! 

    Regarding the collar badges (flaming grenades) they are similar to the Royal Engineers ones, but without UBIQUE. Territorial Army? What about the shoulder titles then (lacking here)? Was it common practice in the British Army (excluding other Commonwealth forces) to wear them?  

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    As already stated post WWI pattern worn into the 1960's.


    A number of units wore the flaming grenade collars without the scroll, including the RWF....you need more info to decide for whom it was badged.

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    I would assume old sweats continued to wear it after the introduction of the p37 battledress uniform, people such as warrant officers and others at base duties perhaps, instructors and the like.  I have seen pics of ti in wear during the war years.


    BL Davis covers it on p178-179 (various pics throughout the book)in his masterful work British Army uniforms and insignia of WWII.

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