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    Hi all,

    Here is one another local find. A nice small 2nd Bengal Lancers silver badge. Unfortunately no hallmarks.

    This info I got from the badges forum:

    according to Nath's definitive book on the Indian Cavalry - "Only officers wore this particular badge sometime between 1895 and 1903. It was also worn as a collar badge. Both Silver and Bronze examples have been seen"

    Its illustrated in his book P42 ( C1.7.10 )

    I will move it on because its not my collecting interest but what you guys think about the pin system? Was something like that used for insignia in India? I am more use to it with loops or sliders when it comes to British badges :).





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    Many of the Indian 'pagri' [turban] badges used a pin back, for obvious reasons.  Also, possibly a sweetheart pin rather than an official badge.  I've never seen a pin back collar badge but, with Indian Army stuff, anything is possible and some very odd things are common so...  Coming down heavily on the 'maybe' side of the coin. ;)


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