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Hi all.

Long time no see. Found a few badges and a shoulder title relating to the Umvoti Mounted Rifles today. 

A few mysteries though, at least for me.

Most of the cap badges I see don't contain the motto but the one I found contains the motto 'Toujours Pret' plus 'UMR' above that. The shoulder title is interesting as it does look hand made with the maker's mark 'A Huber Greytown' on the back. 

Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.





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Thought I would update this post. 

As far as I've been told, the cap badge relates to the post Boer War era up to World War One and the UMR title is a Boer War era slouch cap badge.

I'm still learning so if any information can be added, please feel free. 


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Found a bit more information online. This from a snippet from an auction for the book: Du Plessis, A.J. The Umvoti Mounted Rifles.

According to the snippet, the badge above is number three in the picture. 

Under number 3 is written, as best as I can make out..

"Gilded metal slouch hat badge. Two gnus galloping on ground, below the ground a scroll inscribed with the motto 'Toujours Pret'. In the area between the ground and the scroll, the letters UMR, worn prior to 1902, the greatest width being 2 something inches."


Does anyone have access to this book? 

Reason for edit: Just learned another name for wildebeest are gnus. 

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With regards to The U. M. R. badges you have, the Boer War is not listed in Owen's so many being locally made, the lower left badge is Owen's Number 446 worn between 1902 and 1910,  the lower right is a Collar Badge Owen's Number 450 which was worn 1910 - 1968, not only is it in brass (during the 2 wars) but glided brass.....


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Thank you Mike. A few questions.

What would you classify the 'UMR' badge as? A Boer War era shoulder title, a slouch hat badge.. I found a Bethune's Mounted Infantry badge awhile back that I thought was a shoulder title but turned out to be a slouch hat badge so it's confusing as to how to categorise the badges.

Would the snippet posted above be incorrect with regard to the time period?



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Hi Chris...…

Did a little more digging and I think that I made an error, the UMR badge is most likely a post Boer War possibly WW1 Shoulder badge.    The photo that you have is the UMR slouch hat badge.....   Sorry.....



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