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is there anyone out there who can give me informations on the

First class cross of Mecklenburg-Strelitz "F?r Tapferkeit" , "1914" , cross with needle and 2 hooks, made of silver, OEK N?1414, awarded 1915-17

and maybe of it`s evil twin too: OEK N?1414/1 : awarded 1917-18 , made of cheaper material

What interests me is the number of awards given, I know it can`t be a lot.... and maybe some info on the value. Problem here is that in OEK is only given a "*" what means as much as "collectors price".... maybe someone has results from auctions...

thanks in advance


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David, thanks for the thread... there is one in that I am really talking about: the "cadillac" ;) the silver Godet one with the 2 hooks - that`s the one I need the information for. You are talking about 400 - is this the total of all types? I have heard something like 27 ones of the OEK1414....

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