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    Were WWI Belgian medals produced during occupation?

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    Hey everyone!
    Something just occurred to me today, since most of Belgium was under German occupation for most of the Great War, did Belgian jewelers make their medals after the war or somehow during the war?

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    Hello Ravenft,

    The Belgian government went into exile near Le Havre (France) and some medals were produced by French firms at the time. Their job was taken over by Belgian manufacturers after the war's end.



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    Hi Hendrik,

    Thanks for responding. That’s interesting!

    Doing a little more research I’ve learned tha the Order of Leopold I had a French maker which added beautiful enamel’s to the crown. Are there any resources that show which French makers also made wartime Orders of Leopold II?

    I just found that Belgium’s Military Decoration had a French producer for a time and can be identified by a certain type of King Albert I insignia on the back. I have also noticed a couple versions of the Belgian Croix de Guerre “A” on the reverse. Perhaps one is a French manufacturer? 



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