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    Interesting Leib Regiment Militärpass ...

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    I just picked up this small group....


    One of the interesting things about it is the guy served in the regiment for the WHOLE war... and did not get a Leiber Ring, which one should have gotten for 24 Months at the front.... According to the Militärpass he was in the 11th Company, from beginning to end.... no wounds, no training courses... alway in the company..... On his ancestry page it is the same.... so why did he not get a ring??

    The answer was very easy to overlook... very lightly in pencil was the notation in his ancestry record ... "15.??.15 Fahrer Gß Bagage" ... interesting for 2 reasons... The Transport/Supply became a very big issue when the Alpenkorps was formed in 1915, the Regiments at their level had to increase the size of their supply columns... the Leib Regiment changing to Ox Carts at about the time when Ludwig Weber became a Fahrer... 2nd interesting point.... on an admin level he remained a member of the 11. Komp even though he was in the Regt Supply columns.... It seems at Regt level other ranks remained in their companies for admin even if attached to the regt staff or supply columns....

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