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    My Grandfather was enlisted with the Canadian Artillery during WW 1 and his last rank was that of a Battery Quartermaster Sergeant. I have what I think are his stripes, dogtag, etc but am curious about his actual stripes for his BQMS rank. I have Sergeant stripes but no patch for the crown but rather metal "Kings" crowns.

    Is it possible or likely that he wore the stripes and crowns on his sleeve to designate his rank?

    I've attached a picture of the stripes and crown.

    Thanks for any help,



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    In the Great War, a BQMS would have worn three stripes, point down, with a crown above them.  This was one of the few appointments which the Canadians classified as a 'staff sergeant' but, unlike later American practice, did not use reversed chevrons and so on to distinguish the specialist staff from those in a regimental/battery chain of command.   

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    the appointment of BQMS still exists today, the infantry have the same CQMS. the badge shown here is for blue patrols and would include, the crown,gun badge and chevrons, if he didn't have the appointment he would be a Staff Sgt, in the Gds a Colour Sgt. pre 1968.


    today's Cdn Army the rank of Warrant Officer

    also in the old days you could also get a QMSgt Assistant Instructor in Gunnery circa 1900 before 1881 worn below the elbow


    Screenshot 2019-12-07 at 1.09.34 PM.png

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