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    I don't know what to say

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    This is just said. Nothing else to say. It shows the degree intelligence and culture (or lack of) my compatriots have. One of the 13 Panther tanks received in 1946 was turned into a bench in a park (at least it's wheels). The rest of the tank probably got to the scrapyard a long time ago. 

    Btw, should this thread be here or in Officers' Lounge? 


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    Actually, Iuli August Sturza (http://www.humanitas.ro/luli-august-sturdza) is a Romanian painter born in 1922, and that is one of her works. The only thing I wonder is why did she add the feathers. But I don't think it is as worse as turning Panther wheels that could be placed in a museum into benches. 

    The painting itself depicts rulers of the Romanian Principalities before 1859.

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    Thanks for your reply. I did some research when I got the painting in , and found that link as well.

    But not much more.

    She did not only ad the feathers, but; cords, medals and buttons too....

    The reason she did so must have been because was this like a art form, to here...

    To me just as bad...


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