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    Arm Badge-- Rank-- to Identify

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    A friend who is doing genealogy asked if I could identify this shoulder or arm patch.  It is outside my area of expertise, and I'm simply looking for anyone who could help identify it.  She thinks it may be Swedish..  The cloth patch is about 9 by 14 centimetres.  The background is a brownish (dark tan), and he stripes are Black Felt.  The Eagle and the centre diamond with an "R" in the centre are faded metallic-- in some lights, they look dark bronze coloured, and in other light they seem to have silver highlights.  This could just be due to tarnishing, I don't know.   Thanks for any help.1341911755_UnknownBrassard.thumb.jpg.6773d8b285f95b05e9428c227e64338e.jpg .  

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    What does the "R" in the diamond signify?  PS-- disregard.  I found out it signifies "recruiter".  One of the "specialist" marks.

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    Answered my own question.
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