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    Bravery, valor or foolishness?

    Wessel Gordon

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    I'm not sure if this is the right forum but since I'm mainly a South African Military collector it seems like the right place.

    Today I received the US Medal of Honor pictured below with the old South African Honoris Crux and the UK Victoria Cross. I'm not sure how many collectors have the highest valor/bravery medals of several militaries so I'm pretty sure this picture is a pretty rare sight.



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    Wessel Gordon,

    Would you please post clearer picture of the obverse of these awards and of the reverse of these awards. Are these awards all authentic?  There are lots of copies of the Medal of Honour, and the VC,  for sale on the net lately.



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    No problem. I was so pumped on adrenaline when I got the MOH that i only noticed afterwards the picture is out of focus.

    And you have a pair of very very sharp eyes: the Medal of Honor and Victoria Cross are indeed copies. The Honoris Crux miniature was advertised as a ''restrike'' so strictly speaking I guess that falls under the category of ''copy'' as well.

    I'm still an amateur/novice collector with only so much cash laying around and part of the thrill for me at this stage is saying ''I have that medal'' be it a copy or original.

    As far as my full-sized SADF medals go: They are all numbered and I approached a local expert and gave him the numbers. He confirmed that they are indeed genuine SADF medals but the numbers I have are so high that it makes it unlikely that some of them was actually issued. Sadly our SADF records for medals aren't as transparent as it seems it is in some overseas countries so I could never find resources that could tell me medal number this and that belonged to that soldier. 



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