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Wessel Gordon

33 US ribbons - Mounts suggestions please

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I recently bought quite a few US miniature medals and want to create a ribbon rack for all of them. The conundrum is that I have 33 different medals and the supplier I usually biggest ribbon mount only hold 30.

The ribbons are not intended for wearing but for display so I was wondering if I should instead buy 4 mounts of 9 ribbons each (3 per row) which gives me space for 36 in case I buy more. The idea then is to start at the extreme right mount on the extreme right of the bottom row of the first mount and mount the ''lowest ranking'' ribbon there and work up the ladder of precedence with the effect that the four mounts would be situated right next to each other with the highest ranking medal's ribbon displayed on the last mount.

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.




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I don't mean mounting the medals themselves but the ribbons as shown in this Wikipedia photo:


The medals themselves I intend to show next to each other in order of precedence and not mounted on a rack.




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Changed the link to better illustrate what I intend.

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