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Can anyone identify the last 4 on the right. Medal 5 has a Palestine 1945-48 bar, Medal 6 has a Malay Peninsula bar, medal 7 has Regular Army on the clasp and Long Service and good conduct on the reverse, Medal 8 has for Meritorious Service on the reverse



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The 5th and 6th are The General Service medal 1918-62. 7th is the Army Long Service and Good Conduct medal (or as those who got it usually called it undetected crime medal).  The regular army bar did not mean  they had healthy toilet habits (even though the army served baked beans with every thing) but that they were professional rather than territorial soldiers. The last is the Army Meritorious Service medal.  which was awarded for exemplary service over a long period, the majority of the recipients of this medal were senior NCOs and this medal was sparingly awarded. The full sized group would be several hundred of pounds. I assume it is an attributed miniature group.


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