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    Hi   -and sorry that i do have another question:

    I need more infos about Dr. Rudolf Alberti (Direktor of the Deutsche Baryt Industrie) - in 1918

    Direktor of the Kriegsschmierölgesellschaft ( Dir. of the war oil compagny) Berlin & Kommerzienrat

    I know that he got

    the Wuerttemberg Wilhelmscross without X in July 1918

    and Mecklenburg Friedrich Franz cross in April 1918

    (that`s the reason, why he isn`t listed in the 1918 books with a decoration)

    What i need to know is:

    -Did he get the IC on non combatant ribbon and prussian war aid cross

    Both decorations were awarded till the early 1920s.

    Did he also get the bavarian Ludwigscross (only awarded till Nov. 1918), so i think he got it between Jan and Nov. 1918. ?


    Thanks to all.









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    What i found out is, that his company has branches in Hessia and Bavaria- so the Ludwigkreuz (König Ludwig Kreuz)

    would be a possibility.

    He was Chemist - born 1855 died in 1922.

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