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    Ethiopian Collection


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    I took some time today to review my collection, which is predominately (about 98%) Imperial Ethiopian militaria. And to quote my wife at the end of our third date, "I thought it'd be bigger." I really hope I misplaced some of the items. Otherwise, I'm blowing the Christmas budget on myself. I've included some photos below. I also have a few more items which I'm not including here, such as: rare naval memorabilia, swords, photos and documents/magazines that are very fragile. Enjoy...

    PS-Please let me know if you know of a good organizer like a fancy tackle box or something that could be used for storage and display. I don't have a man cave for a proper museum-style display.  


    Sorry, I couldn't upload the image of the military book collection due to the 2MB limit.



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    Thanks! The big naval badge is pretty similar to the one the emperor is wearing in this Photo. Even with the photo being blurry, you can see the only difference is the crown. I have an actual Imperial Navy peaked cap with a badge that's different than both and includes a Star of David with Ethiopian tricolor. I have no idea about the smaller badge pictured above, but the seller claimed it was Ethiopian.

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    Nice. Your collection is very similar to mine. I think a tackle box will not do justice to such a nice assortment. A tackle box, although it may contain treasures that we collectors cherish, will be seen as just a box of junk to others, especially our spouses. I don't have a man-cave either, or any room that I can devote to my personal interests. I found that if you confine your junk to one small organized area, like a nice cabinet or a box type picture frame, your collection can become a relevant part of the family and although your spouse may snort every time she walks by it, even she will have to admire its aesthetic beauty. 

    You might find a suitable cabinet or frame at a second-hand or antique shop. If you're handy, you can add depth to a nice frame with bits of wood, or build one outright. It has to look halfway decent to pass muster in a typical household, so take your time and keep your eyes peeled when you visit the landfill. 


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    Thanks Mike! That is an outstanding collection and great display. It's like you have a small museum in your living room. And you're right. It'll be hard for people to appreciate the value (both historical and monetary) if I keep my collection in a tackle box in a coat closet.

    On a side note, I recently watched BBC's "Bodyguard" and feel I have good insight into UK police structure, uniforms, weapons, etc. It's probably not too realistic in terms of TTP.

    And below is my Kagnew Battalion (Korean War) collection. The round patches are not Korean War...and obviously the Congo medal.


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