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SWA Territorial Force Merit Medal for Civilians / SWA Gebiedsmag Meriete Medalje vir Burgerlikes - Official, semi-Official or Private medal ??


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Can anyone tell me more about this medal ?



The first picture is from an older thread.

I have tried googling it but can not find any more info.

It's not in the listing of SWA medals.

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Translating the Afrikaans only gets me this: 

SWA Area Command - Commanding General

SWA Area Command Merit Medal for Civilians

But possibly because it is a civilian award its not listed in the books on SA military awards.

There are a couple of SA researchers on the GMIC.  Perhaps one of them can help here.



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Hi Peter,

If this was a civilian award than why does a Commanding General (thus military) award it ??

Even if this medal was awarded to civilians working for the military it would still make it a military award !

SWATF were South African troops helping SWA police in their fight against SWAPO.

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I phrased that badly.  You are correct: a medal awarded to civilians - which is what this is named as - would still technically count as a military award.  I simply had the stray thought that some list compilers would turn up their noses at such an award and not list it.  But perhaps that's fuzzy thinking.  It is indeed a puzzle.

Still searching and I did find a long list of medals and awards by some of the 'stans' which existed under apartheid.  You can find the listy here and look through it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_Merit_Medal_(South_Africa)



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