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    2 minutes ago, Simius Rex said:

    I just this moment logged on to this site and this is a request I never thought I would ever read.  Well... the Cincinnati dude has moved onto the great ribbon bar workshop in the sky.  The only guy left who does an excellent job with fabricating fake bars using original ribbons and blanks AND a guy who can can satisfy the high standards of an experienced collector is... drum roll... Wilfried Freitag, the crazy Schuetzenkoenig of Bad Driburg.  In second place, far behind Mr. Freitag, is Hagekna on eBay.  But for me, when it comes to fake ribbon bars, Wilfried is your man Freitag.  You can reach him on Militaria321 under User "Nordwind" where you will see about 800 examples of his work. Simi.    



    thanks, I will look into Freitag

    The only other 2 options is leaving it blank, or putting on a "something similar" bar... I think to honor the man I should have a correct one.



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