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    Can I trace this American WW2 GI from his letters?


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    Hello everyone,

    I bought a lovely set of letters sent from France just after D-Day by an American GI to a housewife in England he's been billeted with.  Is there anyway I can find out more information on the soldier, his full details are on the front of the envelope (attached picture).  He was obviously very fond of her, judging by the tone of the letters!

    Thank you,



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    Thanks everyone, that's definitely the guy. I researched the woman they were written to and she was a 27 year old housewife living with her husband. My GI must have been billeted with them. From the tone of his letters he must have been quite smitten with her. 

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    On 07/06/2020 at 22:57, Simius Rex said:

    It appears that your GI was also married at the time he was writing hot letters to the married British housewife.  You might want to explain to us yanks what "billeted" means but I, for one, hope it has something to do with a threesome.  This forum could sure use some tales of scandal and debauchery to liven things up.  Simi.    

    Really, that's interesting! He mentions a lot about coming back on furlough and how he'd love to take her dancing again. ? She kept the letters all these years. Wonder if they ever met again? 

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