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    How do I fix a Case with a hinge that won’t open?

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    Hey everyone!

    I got this case for a WWI medal that has a hinge that might be rusted shut. The previous owner said she broke the lid off when trying to open it after decades in storage. I bought it as is in order to fix it myself.

    I’ve tried dabbing it with vinegar on a q-tip to remove some corrosion but to no avail. Having said that, there does t appear to be too much rust on the outside so perhaps it’s more corroded along the pin?

    I feel like the next step is to somehow take the hinge off the box and soak it instead but I am worried that it’ll look horrendous after I somehow tack it back on.

    Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks so much,





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    Sadly, I agree that taking it off is your only option and that this may 'leave a mark'.  It looks as if you will need to recover part of the case anyway, so I would make a clean sweep: carefully remove all the leather on that side of the baox, remove hinge and rehabilitate and then replace.  Then glue a strip of fine leather - 'wallet lining' should be about the right weight - or fine black cloth over the whole side of the case.  It won't be a perfect match but you should be able to come up with something that looks acceptable.

    Good luck!

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