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    PDRY - Ministry of Energy & Minerals Medallets


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    Recently acquired but new to me and manufactured in Moscow for the PDRY. The quality of manufacture is superb and I suspect, as these arrived from Moscow, wrapped in their original tissue paper and small unmarked cardboard boxes, that they never got to Aden!

    • Obverse
    • Blue - "Power Workers Day / 22 December" - 18.24gms & 30.6mm diameter
    • Red - "Geologists Day / 15 April" - 19.24gms & 31.7mm diameter


    • Reverse (the same for both medallets)
    • "Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen / Ministry of Power and Minerals"
    • Both are well designed and well made and incorporate the Arabian Ocean shoreline of the PDRY and symbols appropriate to the industry.

    The Ministry of Energy and Minerals was established in 1985 having formerly been part of the Petroleum and Minerals Board established in 1969. If these were an early purchase of the Ministry from the USSR then the 1986 PDRY Civil War and the subsequent breach in relations with the USSR  meant that none ever reached Aden for distribution. With the collapse from 1989 onwards of both the USSR  and the PDRY this concluded the matter, and these badges have 'appeared' from a box/case in the depths of a forgotten somewhere.  

    What else lurks out there?

    Kind regards,




    PDRY M of Energy & Minerals Obverse.jpg

    PDRY M of Energy & Minerals Reverse.jpg

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