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    French Kepi for a Colonel - date?


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    Guest Rick Research

    It certainly looks OLD to me, but I haven't seen any in 30 years. I believe the height of the red part indicates a "to WW1" vintage model, but can't find anything specific.

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    Thanks Rick. This Kepi seems to be pre WW1 but was still in use during WW1. However not directly at the frontline. You would beg for a headshot with this one... Anybody knows more about it?

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    Here is some refs for the colors would according to the "arme" :


    This tall pattern of k?pi was known as "k?pi-foulard" ; the specifically tall pattern was fashionable for some time and some generals really objected that...as they later objected the very small k?pis that became fashionable in turn.

    It's definitely a pre-WWI pattern, though I'm not knowledgable enough to ascertain the exact timeframe ; looks 1900ish though.

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