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Red Banner for tank battle on the second day of Great Patriotic War.

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Here is an award card and citation for this Red Banner. 

Name: Ivan Matveevich Dagilis

Rank: Batallion Comissar (political officer rank equal to Captain)

Position: Political assistant officer of the 1st Battalion commander, 20th Tank Regiment, 10th Tank Division, South-Eastern Front.

Comrade Dagilis was a tank commander during the enemy lines attack on June 23, 1941 near the town of Radzehuv. Leading the attack forces with his tank he penetrated inside enemy tanks formation and managed to set on fire 2 enemy tanks. German troops concentrated intense artillery fire on his tank, so his tank got around 40 direct hits of armor piercing shells. His main gun, machine gun and tracks were damaged, both periscopes were destroyed and tank was set on fire. Only after that comrade Dagilis retreated and saved his crew.

For this action commander of 10th Tank Division General Ogurtsov recommended Dagilis for Red Banner award 




Commander of South-Eastern Front awarded Dagilis with Red Banner on November 5, 1941. As you can see from his award card, Dagilis survived the war and finished it with the rank of Guards Colonel and in position of the Commander of 360th Self-Propelled Artillery Regiment. He was awarded with 3 Red Banners and OGPW 1st class.





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