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  1. Just as he promoted the Virgin Lands Program as a solution to the grain problem, so Nikita Khrushchev touted the expansion of corn cultivation as a solution to the livestock problem. “There will be no communism if our country has as much metal and cement as you like but meat and grain are in short supply,” he remarked in early 1954. To increase the supply of meat, Khrushchev sought at every opportunity to popularize corn as a fodder crop. http://soviethistory.msu.edu/1961-2/corn-campaign/
  2. There was a Russian movie about it a few year back, I wouldn't recommend watching it. Horribly done. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_9th_Company
  3. Welcome to the forum! I don't believe there is a catch-all online source for serial numbers and dates awarded. These web sites can help you: https://sovietorders.com/our-services/database/ http://www.aukedevlieger.nl/index-phaleristics.htm I highly recommend the book 'Echos of War' by Paul J. Schmitt https://www.collectrussia.com/DISPITEM.HTM?ITEM=13774 as for badges you can use these dealers : https://sovietorders.com/badges/ https://www.collectrussia.com/showcat.htm?cat=ExcelBadge Regards,
  4. Yes, I noticed his Kutusov isn't on his award card and that it has no serial number to it, a shame. I have his reissued ORB #62257 which I had researched years back and have been trying to find out more about him since. Here's a face to the name.
  5. Andrew, I believe this is what your looking for? Order of Kutuzov 2nd class awarded to Travin Nikolai Vasilyevich (1898-1964), Major-General of Artillery. ТРАВИН Николай Васильевич
  6. That is an eye pleasing award, colors are similar to the Red Banner of Labor.
  7. Interesting piece. The serial number would indicate a screw back award, but this looks to be a Type 3, option 7 if I'm not mistaken (there are several variations that look similar) http://mondvor.narod.ru/ORbnLab2.htm My guess is a replacement/duplicate award? the serial number engraving looks good to my eyes, but why add the '0's before the number 987? I can't comment on the award booklet, those are a minefield to me. I look forward to hearing other opinions on this!
  8. Original post/thread is old, but this medal is a fake if it's not already apparent.
  9. I'm not an expert but I think it looks good. Anyone else have some thoughts?
  10. Sam, Looks like a late 1943 or early 1944 award. According to this book: http://soviet-awards.com/forum/vbclassified.php?do=ad&id=7202 The number can be researched. You can contact Auke, Igorka or Ctahhr. There may be others I'm unaware of, hopefully other members will add them. Auke: http://www.aukedevlieger.nl/service2.htm Igorka- a member here. CtahhR: a member on this forum http://soviet-awards.com/forum/ Regards,
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