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    Dear gentleman,

    this photo shows the granddad of my wife. He was working at customs from 1936 on and was stationed on the German-Polish border in 1939, after France was occupied he was staioned on the spanish french border, where he got wounded. He earned his iron cross 2nd class on the 8.th of September 1939! pretty early, but my mother in law doesn't know why. To her knowledge he was always serving at customs and border controll. 

    But what about his cap, that he is wearing in this photo, can anybody say something about that? Many people are stonished to see this cap.

    Thanks for your coments.


    EK2 von 1939.jpg

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    this seems to be the old Reichswehr Feldmütze (did he serve in the old army already?) which was also worn later on - here the leather chinstrap was added and the new cockade. There is some info on these caps here:


    (post # 95, p. 10)

    Why he would wear this in 1939 I don't know - perhaps just for being photographed with the newly awarded EK?


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