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    Masonic Medals on Military Miniature Bars


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    This is an interesting American mini-medal bar. The first three are military issue and probably reflect a late World War 2 enlistment/draftee: Good conduct, World War 2 victory, Army occupation medal. The next two are the Masonic medals reflecting Masonic Knights Templar membership including the Masonic Knight of Malta and Masonic Knights Templar. The last medal is a Veterans of Foreign Wars member's medal. An interesting albeit not particularly distinguished group but the only one that I have ever seen incorporating Masonic mini-medals into the larger bar. Unmarked on the reverse and not particularly well made. 

    Would be curious to see other mini-medal bars incorporating military and Masonic medals 


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    I recall in my youth going to various patriotic hereditary society events with my mother. Many of the men were decked out like nobility with their mini medals. This bar is such an example. I find such groups fascinating as I have often likened medals and ribbons to the idea of "wearing your resume." So this group illustrates the wearers military and fraternal resume for people to see. 



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