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    Where can I find info on named Indian medals from the 1960's-70's ?


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    I have several indian medals from the 1960's-70's with naming on it.

    Can anyone tell me where to go (look) for information about these persons.

    For example: 

    INDIA 1971 20 YEARS LONG SERVICE MEDAL, Named: 14470446 HAV S NATH, ARTY, Cu-Ni. (MYB: I-65).                   

    INDIA 1971 9 YEARS LONG SERVICE MEDAL, Named: 1C-12070 A-MAJ. K.M. SETH, ARTY, Cu-Ni. (MYB: I-66).                  

    INDIA 1973 PASCHIMI STAR, Named: 3366417 SEP JOGA SINGH, SIKH R., Bronze. (MYB: I-37).         

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hello Marnon1

    Not much can be found on modern Indian medals, however I did find that A-Maj. Seth was made a Substantive Brigadier December 29, 1989: https://archive.org/details/in.gazette.csl_weekly.1989-05-20.O-0593-1989-0020-25631/page/n20/mode/1up?q=Seth.


    This may be him: https://cgvidhansabha.gov.in/FrameSet/GovernFrameset-4.html 



    I think it highly likely that it is, and he had a very distinguished career.


    His number should read IC, not 1C




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    Hi Michael,


    Thanks for the information.

    I'm still trying to sell the medal on the Dutch 'MARKTPLAATS' site.

    Until now no takers ?

    As for his number, there is a clear 1 before C.


    With kind regards,






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