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Double award of Legion of Merit, commander degree


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Am I right assuming it is rather rare to be awarded the commander degree of Legion of Merit twice? 

Here is a picture of admiral Haakon Bruun-Hansen, former chief of the Norwegian armed forces, being awarded the US Legion of Merit, commander. Among his ribbons, we can already see the is sporting the ribbon for said award and degree. 

Bruun Hansen andre gangs LoM stor.jpg

Bruun Hansen andre gangs LoM.jpg

A later picture, showing a gilt star on the LoM ribbon, with commander device. 

An even later picture still of his ribbons, clearly showing the gilt star. 

Bruun Hansen andre gangs LoM stjerne to.jpg

Bruun Hansen andre gangs LoM stjerne.jpg

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I read an article on the Swedish blog phaleristica.com regarding the "US Medal of Freedom with Distinction" to Joe Biden. The article mentioned that even the sash version of this decoration was 'ceremonially' awarded around the neck (for the best photo op I assume).

Could the same be the case here? Could he have been awarded the Chief Commander grade (a breast star) but ceremonially been given it as a neck decoration?

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I doubt it. Then the device on the ribbon should have been in gold colour, and not silver. And Chief Commander is very rarely awarded, and even more so to persons not being head of states or governments. 

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