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    German equipment pouch -- Help in identification please

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    Hi All, The equipment case was purchased some time ago and all I can remember is that it was designed to carry a specialist instrument. It measures 22 x 15 x 30.5 cm.

    The lid is marked "Li S?or 80 O". The inside of the lid is marked "Zelle onen!". The case body is stamped "BLC" followed by a Waffen Ampt stamp.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.P1040620.thumb.JPG.0487767933936519c3289615f7cd2eca.JPG




    Additional photos!



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    Michael R,

    This appears to be a pouch for part of an LA6NCA radio, specifically for a LiSpr 80.  I write up on this radio is available at the link below.  The date on the article dates this radio from 1940.  I've posted some info from the article so that your thread is complete and in case the article itself should disappear.

    This is a 2-way audio communication equipment.
    The signal is transferred on a light beam from a 5-watt bulb.

    The light beam is modulated with a light phase modulator.
    The light beam is AM-modulated with a moving prism.
    The position of this prism is manipulated of the transmitter audio amplifier.

    Red and IR filter can be inserted in the beam.
    Receiver and transmitter have one lens each.
    Light detector is placed 250 mm behind the receiver lens.
    Diameter on the light detector is less than 1 mm,
    so the direction of the unit is very important.
    Diameter of the light beam is only 1.4 meter at 250 meter from the transmitter lens.
    This will give a diameter of 7 meter 1 km away.
    An RV2P800 tube is connected directly to the light detector as a preamplifier.
    Diameter on the receiver and transmitter lens is 80 mm.
    Manufactured by Carl Zeis Jena.




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    Hi Gordon, Very many thanks for your informative and most useful message and photographs. I haven't been on the Forum for a few years and  when I am sent such useful information I cannot help but wonder why?

    Greatly appreciated!! With thanks, regards and best wishes Michael

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