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    Walter Nowotny document

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    I am looking for information on this "Frontflugspange fur Jagdflieger" document supposedly signed by Walter Nowotny and Hubertus von Bonin  of JG 54 in late 1943. I am looking for information on the pilot Leutnant Rudolf Lichte whose name is on the document for the award of the “Frontflugspange” I cannot find any details about his career with JG 54. 


    Nowotny 11b.jpg

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    Where is this item listed? My first gut feeling is that it could be a fake due to the ink being used for the Bonin signature being similar to other faked items but the quality of the image isn't good enough to go beyond a gut feeling.


    Likewise I can not find any mention of a Rudolf Lichte as a fighter pilot but that isn't unusual as there must of been hundreds who never left their mark in the history books. There is mention of a Rudolf Lichte on Ancestry as being married in Hannover in 1940 but it doesn't give any date of birth to aid confirmation and has his trade as Arbeiter so I doubt it is the same person.

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