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    I pulled Queen Victoria's funeral gun-carriage

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    ''Queen Victoria's Funeral on the 2nd of February in 1901.''

    ''Sailors of the Guard of Honour [Royal Navy] at Windsor pulling the funeral gun-carriage which carried Queen Victoria's coffin.

    The Royal Yacht Alberta transported Queen Victoria's coffin from the Isle of Wight to Portsmouth and at Clarence Victualling Yard  a 100 bluejackets [sailors] from Excellent and 200 marines from Forton Barracks formed up on the dockside.

    The Royal Train then took Queen Victoria's coffin and the Royal Party to London where the Funeral Parade passed through the capital and then the Royal Train took the Royal Party to Windsor.

    At Windsor Railway Station the Parade formed up and just as the order was given to move off, one of the horses pulling the funeral carriage, reared up and fell over. It soon became apparent that the tracers [harnesses] were utterly tangled. Prince Louis suggested that the Honour Party from the Royal Navy [100 sailors] could manhandle the funeral carriage. The Honour Party from the Royal Navy soon improvised make shift tracers [harnesses] so that they could carry out this task. This was done much against the wishes from the artillery/Army which had been detailed to be in command of the horses and the gun-carriage. The whole process and changes were successfully completed and many believe it even enhanced the appearance and balance of the parade.

    184104 Able Seaman Edward Borley was one of the sailors in the Guard of Honour on that historic day and helped pull the carriage that carried Queen Victoria coffin.

    Able Seaman Edward Borley was awarded the Royal Victorian Medal in Bronze for his assistance on that day in 1901 - along with the other 99 sailors involved.

    I have attached a photograph of his medals :-

    Royal Victorian medal in Bronze - British War medal - Royal Navy long service medal [Coastguard]. Awarded to Petty Officer 1st Class [on BWM] and later Leading Boatman E Borley [on R.N. L.S.G.C.].


    SS850619 (2).JPG

    SS850623 (2).JPG

    SS850620 (2).JPG

    SS850624 (2).JPG

    SS850634 (2).JPG

    SS850637 (2).JPG

    SS850640 (2).JPG

    I have included in Royal Navy service record and other information......

    SS850643 (2).JPG

    SS850645 (2).JPG

    SS850646 (2).JPG

    SS850655 (2).JPG

    SS850650 (2).JPG

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    I have attached more details on his life and service with the Royal Navy....he was obviously very proud of his medals because there is some wear to the Royal Victorian Medal due to over cleaning of the medal.

    SS850667 (2).JPG

    SS850659 (2).JPG

    SS850661 (2).JPG

    SS850662 (2).JPG

    SS850665 (2).JPG

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