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    Colonel J destroyed my delusion...

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    Some time ago I saw a more or less out of the woodwork Pickelhaube for sale which I thought was a Leibregiment Haube.... It was named to an officer named Steidle... and i only found a tiny number in the bavarian records... and seemingly only one who could have worn a silver one.... and not a Pionier, but a leiber!!!!

    Joe pointed out that this was prewar but he only became an officer late in the war, and Haube were recycled, there is indeed a possibility that this was his, but he also put enough doubt in my mind to keep me looking...

    So i focused on the Leiber oficers Father, also an officer...

    he did his national service in the 9th infantry regt in 1886, then called to the colors every couple of years, in 1909 and 1913 to the Leib regiment... at the same time from 1900 he was Kriegsgerichtsrat, from 1915 Kriegsgerichtsrat of the 1st Division, then Ober-kriegsgerichtsrat of the etappe 6. A.O.K. ... from what I understand, this helmet set up is (obviously) not only Leiber, Pionier etc... but also the Haube of a Kriegsgerichtsrat....

    .... so it is not my war Hero of the Leib Regiment Steidle... but probably his fathers, a Kriegsgerichtsrat... would you see any error in that supposition?

    All the best


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