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    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for photos of the South African Indian and Malay Corps during the second world war. It's very hard for me personally to find anything online, besides the few standard photos. What I'm looking for primarily is what the Indian and Malay Corps would've had on their slouch hat.

    Many thanks if any of you do give me some information or photos.

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    Welcome to the GMIC!


    Here is one example from the National Army Museum [UK] collection.  I suspect there was only a single style of basdge, given the realtively low status of the Corps in the SA forces.




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    Thank you for the welcome! From the little information I was luckily able to gather, the IMC did not merge with the NMC. They merged with the Cape Corps in 1942, if I recall correctly. My primary question remains on what the IMC would have worn on the side of their slouch hat. I've seen a picture of the Cape Corps from 1942 with their regimental pith flash on the side of the slouch. The NMC either has nothing on their slouch, only their badge, or a brown square with their badge mounted on it. Would the IMC have their regimental pith flash on the side, only their badge, or both?

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