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    About Turkish War Medal - Meybauer


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    Hi all, 

    I’m living in Germany and I bought a Turkish War Medal (Gallipoli Star or Eiserner Halbmond) in one of the local antique store. I can see Meybauer logo on top of one star wing however when I check in internet, Meybauer logo seems in middle and the medal shape seems different too. On the other hand medal itself seems old too. What is your opinion? Is this version fake or real?

    Thanks in advance.

    Happy new year and Merry Christmas already.




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    Hello Coppermine;

    Welcome to GMIC!  Thanks for posting your TWM. 

    I would prefer an expert to chime in on this badge, but IMHO, I'm sorry to say that I don't think its a period piece.  I have two reasons right off; the enameling on the obverse seems to be too generous -on the upper portion, it's lapping up the crescent.  The second concerning observations are on the reverse.  For a Meybauer, the hinge looks a little too loose and weld/solder area is spilling over. 

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    Dear  Claudius,

    Thanks for your warm welcome message. It is good to find that kind of forum, now I’m reading a lot of topics ?

    Regarding your message, for sure it is sad to hear that this medal seems not original. However, all in all, it seems quite a unique copy that I have ever seen. Normally I saw several coppies with “BB & Co” mark but it is the only copy medal that I saw Meybauer logo.

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