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    Good evening Gentlemen,

    I have a Wolseley made in 1942 by Failsworth Hats Ltd.

    It sports a white and red hackle tucked into its seven-folded puggaree. 

    Any idea regarding this hackle?

    Shouldn't it sports a regimental flash as well? 

    Thank you in advance for your comments.


    GB Wolseley 1942 Hackle.jpg

    GB Wolseley 1942 Inside.jpg

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    When I saw the title, I wasn't sure whether you meant a topi or old Sir Garnet Wolsey himself. ;)

    If memory serves, a red over white hackle is usually Fusileers.  Sadly that doesn't narrow it down too much.  As to a flash, these seem to come and go, depending on things like the date the helmet was worn, where the unit was staioned - very popular in India, for example - and, I suspect, on the individual Colonel in command of a battalion.  They are a lovley touch but require extra cost and, unlike the hackle, are a bit tough to remove in a hurry if they make one too conapicious.

    Can you tell whether the foil insert is original - trimmed edges, for example - or an improvisation by the topi's owner?

    Lovely item, by the way.  Thanks for sharing.


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    Thank you Peter for your comment.

    Regarding the insert, I gather it is original since it is backed by a sort of canvas perfectly adapted to the helmet.

    Anyway, I bought it as shown here, in 1985, at Portobello Road, for ... GB£ 15.-- ... Good old days .... 

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