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    Looking for a City of Toronto Welcome Home Medal for the Boer War.....

    Looking for a Civilian or Un-Named Medal......

    Must be complete with suspender but do not need ribbon unless you have some of the original.....

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.....


    Toronto Welcome Home Medal 28510

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    Hi Mike,


    You might already have this info, but you never know.


    Canada: Boer War: Toronto Tribute Medal / Brave Boys Welcome Home

    Form:Circular. The silver medal has an ornate suspension bar and ribbon (for details see under 'Note').



    By:P.W. Ellis & Co. of Toronto


    Ref: Hern: 872; Hibbard: H1; Laidlaw: 0059a;


    Size Metal Mass Value
    34.4mm Silver (1900) 30.4 gm w/ suspension $800 (named); $500 (unnamed)
    34 mm Silver (1902)   $900 (named); $600 (unnamed)
    34 mm Bronze 19.8 gm $100
    34.4 mm White Metal 13.6 gm $70


    Edge:Plain. Silver medal sometimes engraved with the recipient’s name. This silver medal: "C. TOMLINSON 7395 R.C.R."

    Obverse:Beneath a grape vine, a woman and dog rush to welcome a uniformed Canadian soldier shouldering a rifle. Written vertically on the slats of a fence behind: “PW ELLIS & Co / TORONTO”.

    Reverse:A sheathed sword dividing the field vertically. At the top, surrounding the sword’s hilt, a laurel wreath inscribed within: “SOUTH AFRICA / 1900”. Below this, a dove with outstretched wings, facing downwards, holding a ribbon inscribed: “WELCOME HOME” in its beak. Legend around above: “CANADA’S (left)” BRAVE BOYS (right)”. At the foot, sprigs of maple leaves, and the maker’s name around the edge: “P.W.ELLIS & Co. TORONTO”

    Notes:The Toronto City Council authorised the silver medal as a tribute to returning soldiers. These have an ornate suspension bar and ribbon. A Queen’s crown is attached to the top of the medal. Two suspension rings are attached to the left and right of the crown. A pair of silver chains link through these rings to a silver suspension bar. The bar displays crossed rifles with a maple leaf in front. Behind is a ribbon inscribed: “TORONTO WELCOMES HER SONS”. A brooch pin is at the back of the bar and a rod to which is attached a broad silk ribbon which is intended to hang down behind the medal. Two different ribbons are found: either the ribbon for the Queen's South Africa Medal or a ribbon with five equally wide bands Gold-Red-White-Blue-Gold.

    The first units of Canadian volunteers from Toronto were in South Africa during 1900 and fought in the initial stage of the war and would have received the medal dated: "1900". Some remained behind joining other units or volunteered for a second time (only to arrive after peace had been negotiated). The less common tribute medal dated: "1902" would have been presented to some of these volunteers.

    The bronze meal issued inside a brown case lined with fitted purple velvet top and bottom. On the outside of the case in gilt: "TRADE MARK (divided by maple leaf) / DESIGNERS / AND MANUFACTURERS / OF MEDALS / (ornamental lines) / P.W. ELLIS & Co / 31 & 33 WELLINGTON / STREET EAST / TORONTO-CANADA-".

    The silver medal here was lot No. 796 on the Dix Noonan Webb auction of 13-14 Sept 2012 and sold for £600. Tribute medals paired with the QSA medal will have considerably more value.

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    Yes, Thank You I do have all of this information but there is also a medal dated 1901 which is not shown.....  I have a medal that needs repair that is named that is why I am looking for a civilian (white metal) sale medal so that I can use the suspension.....


    There are two different metals, silver and white metal that are suspended.....  The white metal was sold to the general public and were of course un-named......   


    There is also a ribbon issued to City Council and members of the Police and Fire department.....





    Toronto Ribbon 005.JPG

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    I saw these pictures many years ago on Ebay and on a South African auction.


    Its a pity that I wasn't that much into the ABO/ABW medals, as now.


    Seems like its a really hard to find medal and very beautiful.







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