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    Volunteer Zouave 1870 - 1914

    IR 134

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    Good evening.
    I was able to acquire this wonderful picture today, 
    although France is not my collecting area.
    The label on the back reads as follows:
    "Remembering the Great War
    of a voluntary zouave from 1870
    ..................... from 1914
    Volunteer for the East
    Senior citizen in the French army
    Class of 1869 Sergent L. Paul. "
    Are there specialists here in the forum who can give me more details? 
    Especially about his medals?
    The second in the top row is most likely the Croix de Guerre.
    Is there a (theoretical) possibility to identify the man on the basis of personnel records?
    Thank you in advance for any help.

    PS: Sorry for the bad quality, I use the seller's photos but will provide an scan of the original as soon as I get it.



    928_001 - Kopie.jpg


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    I received the following additional information from Feldgrau-Forum 
    The medals are from left to right
    Medal Militaire
    Croix de Guerre 14-18 with a "Citation" medal 1870-71 with (volunteer?) Clasp
    On the far right a shooting clip
    Below the English Medal de Crimée 
    (Does that mean that he could have participated in the Crimean War as a child?)

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    I think the "Crimea Medal" is actually the Colonial Medal.


    It is.  He also volunteered for Salonika, and was awarded a Serb medal.


    Mes amis at the Forum PAGES 14-18 site identified him: https://forum.pages14-18.com/viewtopic.php?f=86&t=76505&p=561161#p561161.  Louis Paul. 1852-1936.



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