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    Hans-Georg Steltzer Information Request

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    Hans-Georg Steltzer (born April 30, 1913 in Braunschweig, died April 12, 1987 in Königswinter), a German soldier, diplomat and writer, served in the  Wehrmacht being promoted to major by 1945.   Steltzer later became a career Social Democratic Party of Germany politician/bureaucrat.  Among his duties, he headed the Federal Press Office in the Foreign Office and worked as a diplomat in Africa and at home.   Steltzer left government in 1978-79 but remained active in foreign affairs, especially regarding Africa.   He published several books on German-African colonial relations and the Imperial German Fleet.  Steltzer served as German ambassador to Egypt and Ghana and received many awards including, at least,:


    Germany [Federal Republic]  Order of Merit,  3rd class;
    Cameroun   Order of Merit, First Class [sash/badge];
    Egypt  Order of Merit, [Grand Cordon?];

    Gabon   Order of Merit,  Grand Officer; 

    Ghana [Order of  Volta?, class unknown];
    Ivory Coast   Order of National Merit, Commander;

    Liberia  Order of African Redemption, Commander;

    Madagascar   Order of National Merit, Grand Officer;

    Niger   Order of Merit, Grand Officer;
    Senegal   Order of National Merit, Commander.

    Tunisia Order of the Republic, Grand Officer.


    Has anyone additional information regarding Steltzer's Wehrmacht service [and possible awards]?   Is this list of his post-war decorations accurate and complete?   Thanks for your assistance!   


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