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Does french state calendars exist?


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I just got a nice miniature chain who belonged to a French individual and since I have no experience in researching French orders I feel the need to ask for your expertise. 


The orders on the chain are:

Legion of Honour with brilliants

Ordre des Palmes académiques with brilliants

Ordre du Mérite agricole with brilliants

Swedish order of Vasa

Italian order of the crown

Swedish order of the Sword II class

Italian order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus


The Swedish Sword order 2nd class have only been awarded to 70 French nationals. When I am done with checking the rolls for the order of Vasa I will probably (hopefully) end up with a lot fewer possible individuals. 


When I have done that, is there any way to find out if these remaining individuals received the orders on the chain to further narrow it down?

Like a state calender or similar which shows all decorations for an individual. To add to the mix is that I can't read or understand French. 

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Confused Legion of Merit with Legion of Honour
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I assume you mean "legion of Honour"?

If so (and provided he is French), you might find him in the Base Léonore.

Most of them will have papers in there that list their decorations.


And I also assume that those brilliants were a 'vanity choice' and not special classes of those decorations.

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You are absolutely right. I do mean Legion of Honour. Don't know what I was thinking. :)


Considering the arrangement of the orders my guess would be that he is French. 


I think you are right that the brilliants is just a matter of taste and nothing special. 


THANK you for the tip. That is exactly what I need. Not only for helping me ID this chain but also to find information for my other lists. Thank you once again!


I'll post a few photos tomorrow when (hopefully) the sun can provide some good light. 

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