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  1. His name was överstelöjtnant Bengt Gustaf Geijer 1885-1968. Teacher in finnish at Krigshögskolan (Royal Swedish Army Staff College). How do you find citations for Finnish awards? Are they digitalized? And is it possible to find citations for awards from the war of 1918? 3rd and 4th class Liberty crosses?
  2. Yes, I know the name of the recipient. It was a swedish Överstelöjtnant. I bought it from a Swedish auction house where it was sold by the family.
  3. Hello! It's from Italy. With the symbol of the MVSN (Milizia Volontaria per la Sicurezza Nazionale) //Johan
  4. I don't believe medal 5 is the Swedish Pro Patria medal, it would not make sense since it's a civilian medal awarded for long and faithful service. The Pro Patria medal also has the kings profile on the front and the ribbon is black with yellow edges, which this medal don't seem to have. I rather believe it's the Swedish medal of the Sword (Svärdsmedaljen) which was awarded to military personnel. Kaiser Wilhelm II received a special gold version in 1875. It was the only gold medal ever awarded.
  5. I found a photo of the breast star. http://emuseumplus.lsh.se/eMuseumPlus?service=ExternalInterface&module=collection&objectId=38076&viewType=detailView
  6. Here is a link to photos of both front and back and some information. Erinnerungszeichen zur 2. Hochzeit 1905 (ehrenzeichen-orden.de)
  7. The search function on Livrustkammaren is not the easiest to use. But I cannot find any picture of the breast star that was awarded to King Gustaf V. But there are a few pictures awarded to King Gustaf VI Adolf 1935: http://emuseumplus.lsh.se/eMuseumPlus?service=ExternalInterface&module=collection&objectId=52154&viewType=detailView http://emuseumplus.lsh.se/eMuseumPlus?service=ExternalInterface&module=collection&objectId=52155&viewType=detailView And the chain collar awarded to King Gustav VI Adolf in 1954: http
  8. Thank you Owain for the tip! I shall keep an eye out on ebay.fr if one turns up now that I know what to look for. Haile Selassie received the order of the Seraphim on June 10 1924. Below is a photo of the Order of Salomon that King Gustaf V received. It is currently in the royal collection (Livrustkammaren).
  9. Hello! This is a badge from the state police school. Valtion poliisikoulo = State Police School Ahkeruudesta ja taidosta = Diligence and skill I have no idea of value since I don't collect police badges. Here is a link to a collectors site about finnish police badges. Maybe he can help you with it's value. Poliisimerkki (bahnhof.se)
  10. Hello! I recently purchased a miniature chain to a highly decorated Swedish chamberlain who received the grand officer of the Star of Ethiopia in 1924. Unfortunately this miniature is missing from the chain and I would like to complete it. I have tried google but I haven't found any miniatures that fits. So if anyone can help me in any way it would be greatly appreciated. BR Johan
  11. Here is one of my lastest arrivals. A miniature chain with a Oldenburg house order 1st class awarded to a Swedish chamberlain (kammarherre).
  12. Great medalbar! I've sent you a PM about the possible recipients names.
  13. If you want to know the exact years they are made (the silver ones) just post the year stamp here.
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