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  1. It´s a huge job but I think it needs to be done. It will probably take a few years before I am done with all the recipients of the Swedish orders but I´ll let you know how it proceeds and if I find any thai citizens that you might have missed. I compared your list of grand crosses with my list and I found one person you seem to have missed. Thailändske medborgaren och förste gen. adj. hos H.M. konungen. Luang Iwra Narong (or something similar) was awarded the grand cross 1960-09-03
  2. And by the way, the use of "Statskalendern" and "Hofcalendern" is of great help when it´s difficult to read the names in the old Matrikel books. Some years of Statskalendern is available at runeberg.org and I have a few earlier ones myself. But so far I only have the 1817, 1845 and 1868. Good thing that they arent so expensive.
  3. Thank you Micke for your help. Reading the Thai names is pretty difficult and so are some of the other names in the Matriklar as you say. I'm working on a project that includes digitalizing the all the awardees of Swedish orders of the sword, North star and Wasa and make it searchable in a easy way. Nice website you have, I have seen it before and you have some very interesting information and pictures.
  4. Finally I've had the time take them out to make a new group photo of my entire collection of Liberty Crosses. All crosses/medals in the picture are different years or variants. I think I have three or four different variants of VM2 1918. The one's I still search for are the following. 1918 VM1 with red cross 1939 VR1 with swords VR1 without swords VR2 without swords 1941 VR1 with swords and oakleaf VR1 without swords VR2 with swords and oakleaf 1945- VR1 with swords VR1 without swords VR2 with swords and rosette VR3 with red cross VR4 with swords and rosette VR4 without swords VM2 type 2 And of course all grand crosses and breast stars. But since they are waay to rare and expensive I don't think I will ever get those.
  5. Thank you Andreas. You seem to be absolutely correct about both names. I just need to figure out the middle name of Snit Dayananda. Thanks again! BR Johan
  6. Yeah, it´s been really slow on finding new liberty crosses for my collection. So in the meantime I´ve been buying some other medals for my collection while I´m waiting for some new crosses to come up for sale. On Emedals there is a VR1 1941 without swords for sale (awarded 22 times) but I think it´s too expensive. Especially with the tax and customs fees. Someday I´m planning to make a new group photo of my liberty crosses, I just need the weather to improve so I can get good sun light.
  7. Hello! Can someone help me to read these names of Thai recipients of the Swedish order of the sword grand cross. The first one should be an admiral in the navy and the bottom one should be an air force general but I cannot see what it reads. They were both awarded the grand cross of the order of the sword on 15/1 1965.
  8. There is one for sale on Huuto now. https://www.huuto.net/kohteet/suomen-leijonan-1luokan-ritarimerkki-miekkojen-kera/495638423
  9. Hello Janne! The only lion order with swords that I know of is the one at Prenikka. But I suppose you already know of that one. But since most of the orders with swords was awarded to foreigners, mostly germans (at least according to the lists I have), I believe the best place to find one is in Germany. I guess you only have to wait and watch the coming auctions and keep your fingers crossed. But you might get some competition….
  10. Another idea is to contact the veteran union directly. Since it´s them who issue the cross they should have all the details about them. Number of awarded, material, etcetera. http://www.veljesapu.fi/pages/Palaute/3224
  11. I hope you have better luck than me with contacting Tiainen. I have sent him several emails a while ago but he doesn´t reply. If you do find any more information about the SS crosses, please let me know.
  12. I would love to see some pictures of your cross and it´s hallmarks.
  13. No problem. Like I said, I´m far from being an expert on these crosses. But here are my thoughts and ideas. One guess could be that the crosses numbered 1000-1059 were made for museums and therefore numbered while the crosses made for collectors was unnumbered? As I understand it, the variation 3 was made only for museums and collectors. Not to be awarded to veterans. If I remember right the cross was issued in late 50s, possibly 1958, by the SS-veteran union. Maybe not all SS-volunteers joined the veteran union and therefore didn´t get a cross? I believe that when it comes to atleast other Finnish memory crosses the veteran himself had to apply for a cross/medal. Maybe not everyone wanted to show that they were former SS men? Don´t take any of this as fact. It´s only my personal guesses. Yes, the "R3" and "RR" is Tiainens rarity scale. R3 equals to "rarely for sale" and RR is "extremely rare".
  14. Here are the pages about the SS cross. The medal from Rauma military hospital have no connection to Finnish SS as i know of. So why it´s on the same page I don´t know.
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