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  1. Thanks guys! The knowledge here is impressive! It´s a bit strange that one of them seem to wear a fez...
  2. I´m sure you will sell it! Did you ever get a ribbon for it?
  3. Thanks! You guys are the best! Here is the link to the auction with the whole picture. According to the auction house it´s a german u-boat crew... https://auctionet.com/sv/1262946-foto-ubatsbesattning-i-bronsram-tyskland-wwi-1916
  4. Hello! What kind of uniforms are these guys wearing? The men in the background are wearing sailor uniforms, but these don´t "fit in" the picture. I´m not the owner of the photo, that´s why I don´t post the entire picture. I found the photo on a Swedish auction site.
  5. Hello! How common are Polonia Restituta orders for foreigners outside of the eastern bloc? I recently bought a medalgroup containing a officers grade Polonia Restituta awarded to a finnish diplomat in 1966. I think it´s a bit strange that a finnish citizen is wearing a order from an allied of the "evil soviet empire", but perhaps it´s more common than I thought? The other medals on the medalbar is the commemorative medal from the Finnish war 1941-1945 (JsMM), the commemorative cross of the coastal forces, a officers cross of the order of Orange-Nassau and finally the polish order. Both officers crosses have documents. BR Johan
  6. Now I have gone through the rolls for the order of the north star (pole star) and Bürkner is nowhere to be found. So I guess we can rule out that the black ribbon is for a north/pole star.
  7. I can confirm that Leopold Bürkner was awarded with the Swedish order of the sword 1st class knight (RSO1kl) 30/4 1936. I will see if I can find him in the awardrolls over the order of the north star (pole star).
  8. Thank you for a great photo! I am quite sure those are the medals that were awarded to Oscar II wife, Queen Sophia of Nassau.
  9. Do you know why there are two variants of the red enameled one? As far as I know all medals where made by C.F. Carlman in Stockholm and I don´t understand why they should have made two different variants when there was so few to be awarded. I suppose all medals was awarded during the same visit to Norway.
  10. Have a look at this beauty I recently got for my collection. Now I need a light blue one to have a complete set of Oscar II jubilee medals of 1897.
  11. Try and send an email to this gentleman. https://www.hyrsky.fi/ Original ribbons for 1st class crosses are almost impossible to find, but he probably have replacements for sale.
  12. The 1941 cross without swords is sold. And unfortunately not to me.
  13. Damn you Janne! Where is the 1941 Liberty cross for sale? 2100€ is a pretty good price for that one. At least compared to what I have seen them priced at before.
  14. The 1st class cross with swords 1939 was awarded 55 times. Sorry but I don´t have a list of who got it. If you are planning to sell your cross I am interested for my collection.
  15. The ones I need for my collection is the following: Oscar II 1897 - light blue enamel Oscar II 1897 - red enamel Gustaf & Victoria 1906 ( I have the medal but not the ribbon) Gustaf V 1951 Carl XVI Gustaf 1996 Victoria & Daniel 2010 Carl XVI Gustaf 2013 Carl XVI Gustaf 2016 And all the jubilee medals as awarded to women with a bow (except Oscar II 1897 dark blue).
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