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  1. I like them when they come in their original paper bag with the recipients name on...
  2. I can´t seem to upload any more pictures for some reason so I´ll try again later/tomorrow to show some more pieces.
  3. In my first post in this thread I showed my favourite imperial German piece and also my all time favourite piece which is this finnish cross. And since Destruction wanted to see the backside I made this post instead of making a new thread in the appropriate forum section. I´m lazy…
  4. Here are some more medals from my collection. Bronze - Silver - Gold The gold one is a gilt bronze medal. The original ones in gold were only awarded 7 times to royalties and heads of states.
  5. Hello! Here are both my crosses of Ingria, I still need the one for enlisted men. If anyone should have one for sale, please let me know! The merit cross is awarded 2 times and the cross for officers around 20 times. I don´t know how many that were awarded the enlisted mens cross.
  6. Hello and welcome to the forum! I suppose you have seen the list of all the different clasps in the other thread so I wont repeat it here. All the clasps are quite easy to find, atleast in Finland and to some extent also in Sweden. But the hardest one to find (in my opinion) is the Mantsinsaari clasp. Also the usual iron and bronze medals for foreigners are pretty easy to find. The iron one was awarded approximately 10 000 times and the bronze one 1961 times. The difficult thing is to find the foreigner medal documents, especially the special document for fallen soldiers. They are really rare. Tomorrow I can take some photos of the winter war medals that I have bought since the last photo. Among them is a prototype medal and some more medals for foreigners.
  7. He received the grand cross of the Swedish North Star on 28th April 1955
  8. Hello Micke. I was one of the bidders but unfortunately not the buyer of that set.
  9. All I can find in my books are the statues of 1902 and they don´t mention foreign recipients criteria at all. Only that Commander 2nd class and knight 2nd class was only awarded to foreigners until 1889, after that they can be awarded to swedes too. Swedes could be awarded the order of the sword for things like long service, bravery in the field or service to the country. I am working on transcribing the award rolls for the Swedish orders from 1748 to 1974 and are almost done with commander 2nd class. My biggest issue is lack of time...
  10. Heinrich Sheuch was awarded the commander 2nd class of the Swedish order of the sword on 20 October 1912.
  11. What would you guess an unissued piece would sell for at an auction?
  12. I believe it’s almost impossible to put a value on such a piece. But if I would guess I think it would go for over 30 000 € in an auction. But I guess it all depends on how much the bidders want it. Can we see a picture of it?
  13. Hello! Are you buying or selling? Is it a complete set? with cross? Breast star? Document? Since only nine were manufactured and only four ever awarded so the price between issued and unissued is huge. As far as I know there is atleast one of the awarded crosses on the private market. Is yours issued or unissued?
  14. Hello! You should probably post this in the Spain forum instead of in northern europe. Btw, I have nerver seen this variant before. Is it possible that it nice had enamel that has been removed by someone?
  15. You´re right, it´s only thorn. First I thought that he was wearing some weird variation of the tank-destroyer badge since he´s standing next to the anti-tank rifle. But it didn´t look right. The badge is white with a black tank on it (for those who didn´t know).
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