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  1. Here is my latest little lamb. Knight 2nd class - one of 55 awarded
  2. Do you have a name of the original owner? The Swedish Vasa-order is very rare with very few awarded.
  3. Leutnant Heinrich Anton Wilhelm von Wodtke received the Swedish order of the Sword on August 29th 1903.
  4. This is the correct box for the last type of the sword medal. A small yellow box with a crown on. Within the box is a small document with instructions on how and when to wear orders and medals. Sorry for the bad pic but it's the only found I could find at the moment.
  5. Thank you for the pictures. I have seen this type of grey box before but I can't remember what medal was in it. It could be as you say that it's a box bought before the award ceremony to use as a presentation box instead of the boring little yellow box. Or maybe the awardee was so proud of his medal that he bought a generic case at Carlman. I will dig up a picture of my medal with the original carton box. It was probably awarded and then never looked at again. The piece of ribbon was never mounted on the medal and the original papers about how the wear the medal were in the
  6. Nice collection! Now you need the unique gold medal to complete the set. Can you show some more and better pictures of the grey box please? My medal from 1974 came in a yellow carton box. Honestly I don't think your grey box is original to the medal. If the medal is marked on the rim MJV (Mynt och Justeringsverket = Swedish Mint) why whould it be in a box from C.F.C?
  7. Do you know what the medal for science, art and music looks like? I found nothing on google. I found Glæsel by a lot of luck and a little bit hard work. I made the assumption that the Wendish crown and Greek order was the most unusual and then searched through state calendars and writing down the possible matches and continued like this until there was only one possible candidate left. Without searchable state calendars I would never have found him, at least not so fast. Another of my (to many) projects is to make a excel file of all Swedes that received a Danneb
  8. After looking through other years of the danish state calendar without finding anyone else who fits I believe Henri Carl August Glæsel is the right guy and the missing piece is either the Russian St. Stanislaus 2nd class or the Italian order of the crown 3rd class. Henri Glæsel Born: March 19 1853 Died: July 8 1921
  9. What do you think about this man? Henri Carl August Glæsel Arkitekt, Inspektør og Sekretær ved Statsinventarie-Kommissionen. In the state calendar of 1912 he has the following: Knight of the Dannebrog order Dannebrog, Merit Cross (he got that in 1912) French, Legion of Honour 4th class Greece, Order of the Redeemer 4th class Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Order of the Wendish crown 3rd class Siam, Order of the crown 4th class Prussia, Order of the crown 4th class Russia, Order of St. Stanislaus 2nd class Everything fits except the Russian order. But since there is on
  10. First new piece for 2021! Liberty cross 2nd class with homefront ribbon! According to the seller it was awarded to a Swedish officer but without any proof, who knows? I don't know how many crosses that was awarded with the yellow ribbon but it's a lot scarcer than the red war ribbon. Sorry for the bad pictures. The sun doesn't want to cooperate with me.
  11. Work is in progress to transcribe the Swedish award rolls. So in the future we will know exactly how many awards were made by Sweden. The main problem is lack of time, as always.
  12. Hello! As far as I know, there is no such research done. In general there are not that much research available on Swedish medals. The recipients of the medal För berömliga gärningar is not published in the state calender, so it would probably be difficult to find information about how many were awarded. Can you show a picture of your piece?
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