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  1. Thank you for a great photo! I am quite sure those are the medals that were awarded to Oscar II wife, Queen Sophia of Nassau.
  2. Do you know why there are two variants of the red enameled one? As far as I know all medals where made by C.F. Carlman in Stockholm and I don´t understand why they should have made two different variants when there was so few to be awarded. I suppose all medals was awarded during the same visit to Norway.
  3. Have a look at this beauty I recently got for my collection. Now I need a light blue one to have a complete set of Oscar II jubilee medals of 1897.
  4. Try and send an email to this gentleman. https://www.hyrsky.fi/ Original ribbons for 1st class crosses are almost impossible to find, but he probably have replacements for sale.
  5. The 1941 cross without swords is sold. And unfortunately not to me.
  6. Damn you Janne! Where is the 1941 Liberty cross for sale? 2100€ is a pretty good price for that one. At least compared to what I have seen them priced at before.
  7. The 1st class cross with swords 1939 was awarded 55 times. Sorry but I don´t have a list of who got it. If you are planning to sell your cross I am interested for my collection.
  8. The ones I need for my collection is the following: Oscar II 1897 - light blue enamel Oscar II 1897 - red enamel Gustaf & Victoria 1906 ( I have the medal but not the ribbon) Gustaf V 1951 Carl XVI Gustaf 1996 Victoria & Daniel 2010 Carl XVI Gustaf 2013 Carl XVI Gustaf 2016 And all the jubilee medals as awarded to women with a bow (except Oscar II 1897 dark blue).
  9. Thank you for all replies! I´m a bit surprised that no one seem to own a full size in red enamel to show. I´ll let you know when and if I find one for my collection! And if anyone have a tip to where I can find Swedish jubilee medals I would happily listen. Both fullsized and minis.
  10. Hello! I recently bought this bag amongst some other badges and wonder if any of you recognizes it? I guess it is some kind of tourist piece from early 1900s, could it be some kind of "friendship between nations" badge? Since it has the Swedish colors, blue and yellow, behind the double eagle. Best regards Johan
  11. Hello! Thank you for your replies, I have tried to google "Ivan Stojanov" and "Иван Стоянов" without any luck. I was hoping that someone knew about any "state visit" or similar that Bulgaria made to Sweden in late 1941. Thanks once again! The search continues... //Johan
  12. Hello! I have a document for a Swedish order of the sword, knight 1st class awarded to bulgarian captain Iwan Stojanoff in november 1941. Does anyone have any information about mr Stojanoff? Or maybe even a photo of him?
  13. I meant the miniatures that Lars showed. My posts got messed up for some reason.
  14. I have never seen a miniature of these. Only heard about them. Are they in your collection? That is the one from Morton & Eden auction.
  15. The one sold at Morton & Eden 2014 was a dotted one. So you have seen the "sunray" examples? The award numbers for Oscar II Jubileumsminnestecken 1897 was as following: Light blue: 232 Dark blue: 268 Red: 49 (12 went to the royal family) Apparently it exists some faked red ones, where they have used a blue enameled one and re-done the enamel in red. Could it be "Nordiska riddareordnar och dekorationer" by Arvid Bergman you are thinking of? Another book that shows some of the recipients by picture is "Kungl. svenska riddareordnarna jämte konung Oscar II:s jubileums-minnestecken" by Robert Södermark 1907. Here is my so far only piece, awarded to a female:
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