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  1. Nice collection! what are the year marks on the stars? You need a sword order and an order of the seraphim to complete the set of swedish stars.
  2. Yes, you are absolutely correct. It´s the 1st class medal of the order of Liberty (Vapaudenmitali) and the last one is the commemorative medal from the liberation war (Vapaussodan muistomitali). The 1st class cross is the variant with brilliants, I believe only two such pieces was awarded in 1918.
  3. Do you think Matrose Reinhardt is the same person as Josef Reinhardt, Musketier in Res.Inf.Rgt.255 who is listed as awarded the liberty medal 1st class in Mannerheims order no 68? Is Reinhardt a usual name in Germany?
  4. Its belgian, see the post in northern europe section.
  5. If you Google the motto on the badge you get alot of results showing badges and helmets from Belgium. So my guess is: yes its a Belgian badge.
  6. Hello. Picture is from Göteborgs Stadsmuseum. 498 pieces awarded and 520 manufactured If anyone know of one for sale I need one for my collection.
  7. Hello. That badge is a normal hat badge for finnish enlisted men and have nothing to do with the medal. I would guess this medal have been awarded to a Swede because of the mounting (and its for sale in Sweden).
  8. 1st class proficiency badge m/21 of the finnish civil guard. Skyddskåren in swedish and suojeluskunta in finnish.
  9. Hello. Both Badges are from lotta svärd. The blue is for 10 years membership. The other is an award for walking and skiing just like the seller say. These exists in bronze, silver and gold. See this page for more photos and information. http://www.lottasvard.fi/lotta-svard-merkit/
  10. Thank you for your reply. It was worth to ask before I gave up on the research. Perhaps someday the award lists of the Finnish orders and medals become available.
  11. Hello! Do you think it would be possible to ID the recipients of this mini-chain? The order of the White Rose of Finland must be a little unusual on german medalbars? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hello! Can anyone ID the signature on this document to Matrose Reinhardt? It looks either like Whulf or possibly Willy? Is there any way to find out more about Reinhardt? Best regards!
  13. Hello! I believe the person is Roswell Garst, the owner of the corn farm. See more at wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roswell_Garst
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