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    Foreign Legion Beret Badges

    Chris Boonzaier

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    This was the universal Legion beret Badge adopted in 1961. It was not widely worn because most regiments were wearing the numbered Grenade badges and the 2 REI adopted the grenade with the Mule shoe, but this was meant for all units other than the Legion para who had the regular French Para Beret badge, the Cavalier who had this badge in Silver... by about 1964 most units returning to France adopted this, the 2REI stayed in the Sahara with the Grenade and Horse Shoe badge until 1968 when they returned to France and adopted the Universal badge....berb5.thumb.jpg.f0426ecd0b1b9a2167566d09337c6641.jpgberb4.thumb.jpg.4798a83d49f694462af67f5ca93d098c.jpgberb3.thumb.jpg.57ef1f3ee12946f71d64a783fb078a74.jpgberb2.thumb.jpg.72f4bdcd4f298db6764d4915aafb3642.jpgberb1.thumb.jpg.9d43342ea6815ea6ce5bcd6e279b0050.jpg

    This is the "new" badge that we recieved in 1992-93... the Verdion for the 2 REI... i prefered the old one... but hey... noone asked me.....berb6a.jpg.8bb7253d6403d3a2a951377b04a579c2.jpgberb6d.jpg.45450e6692a366ea70a07d11398d912a.jpgberb6b.jpg.1e2254a6c19baca2e25f5b0534aa60c1.jpgberb6e.thumb.jpg.425b09b69a5cce26f5e393b93870f60b.jpgberb6c.jpg.9a252a6e80569ab111c7cea0a1f02784.jpgberb6f.jpg.a2d76e66b91df0d2d57a2dad5af4f3d8.jpg

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    The 1961 pattern badges are ,,,

    Y. Delsart 89100 Sens

    Coinderoux Paris

    Beraudy – Vaure 63600-Ambert

    No Maker

    J.Balme Saumur

    Beraudy – Vaure Ambert (P.DE.D) . 9.

    Drago Paris (Smooth Back)

    Insigne Militaire G.1772 Drago Rue de Romainville Paris

    Drago Paris




    The 2 REI badges are

    No Maker

    Beraudy – Vaure 63600-Ambert

    J. Balme Saumur

    Coinderoux Paris

    LR Paris

    Y. Boussemart (Dated 2000)

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