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    A little help would be needed

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    I possess those collar ranks, but as I am not so familiar with Austria-Hungary uniforms, can somebody help me with this.

    Naturally, I am just assuming that belong to the Austro-Hungarian empire...

    And to which rank they correspond to?


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    Many thanks for your very detailed answer. So we now now that the those are the collar ranks of the officer of the XI class, e.g. sub lieutenant.

    This is the picture of the revers side, in order to try to check the color pattern.

    As to the star (sternrosette) it is made of the silvered metal, but I don't think it's stamped


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    I agree with Simius Rex. It is a fireman rank of "Feuerwehrmann" after 1945. The star is not embroidered but stamped. Therefore it is not a lieutenant-equivalent rank.

    Here you have an actual pic, if you scroll down:








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