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    Help needed- identification shoulder board ww1

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    • 2 years later...
    On 21/02/2024 at 21:26, august said:


    Incorrect. It is for Provincial Infantry officers from the Karlsruhe region. The "K" stands for Karlsruhe.


    But it could also be for Freikorps Künzel as the same insignia continued to be worn by this Freikorps in 1919.


    In June 1919, it became Reichswehr-Schützen-Regiment 49 in Reichswehr-Brigade 25 (together with the Deutschen Schutzdivision) of the Vorläufigen Reichswehr.


    The "K" for Kraftfahrtruppe is quite different. Here is a pair of enlisted man's boards showing the style of "K" used for the Kraftfahrtruppe insignia.




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    20 hours ago, Bernd_W said:

    Is the Karlsruhe one actually showing a "LK"? For Landwehr?

     Provincial boards usually only have a single letter for the district. I don't think there's ever a specific unit designation such as "L" for Landwehr. But I'm not an expert. Perhaps someone else knows better.

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    Normally, the soldiers of the "Landwehr-Bezirks-Kommandos" (Singular: Landwehr-Bezirks-Kommando) had the number of the Brigade upon their shoulder boards.

    In areas with a bigger population, the "Landwehr-Inspektionen" (Singular: Landwehr-Inspektion) with the gothic letter of the capital, were set-up.

    Those were:

    1886: B for Berlin (III.AK)

    1907: D for Dortmund (VII.AK), E for Essen (VII.AK)

    1912: B for Breslau (VI.AK), C for Cöln (VIII.AK), A for Altona (IX.AK)

    1913: I for Insterburg (I.AK), B for Bromberg (II.AK), H for Halle (IV.AK), P for Posen (V.AK), D for Düsseldorf (VII.AK), H for Hannover (X.AK), E for Erfurt (XI.AK), S for Straßburg (XV.AK), M for Metz (XVI.AK), G for Graudenz (XVII.AK), A for Allenstein (XX.AK), Saarbrücken (XXI.AK), D for Dresden (XII.AK), S for Stuttgart (XIII.AK), K for Karlsruhe (XIV.AK), C for Chemnitz (XIX.AK), M for München (I.b.AK), L for Landau (II.b.AK), N for Nürnberg (III.b.AK)


    Here is a nice example of a "Bezirks-Feldwebel" of Landwehr-Inspektion Essen (my hometwon...).

    He also wears the China-Medal.


    Landwehr-Inspektion Essen (Bezirks-Feldwebel um 1910 mit DSWA Denkmünze).jpg

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    On 27/02/2024 at 09:27, The Prussian said:


    By the way... This "K" was also used by the Freikorps unit "Detachment Küntzel".

    You might know this thread...

    Yes. I already mentioned that in my original post above.


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