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    Mehdauia Order awarded to foreign

    Antonio Prieto

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    As a complement to the thread Spanish-Moroccan Mehdauia Order awarded to Kriegsmarine admirals opened by Kriegsmarine Admiral, I propose this new one to include photographs (portraits, ribbon bars or gropus) and data with non-Spanish recipients of this order


    Between 1926 and 1956 some 10,378 awards of this Order were awarded.

    Not counting those to Moroccans (some 1,700), 571 concessions went to foreigners, mainly Italians (230), Germans (130) and Portuguese (83). Also French, British, from Latin American countries (Argentina, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Cuba or Puerto Rico) and others (Syria, Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Philippines, Norway, Japan, Greece, Holland and the United States).



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    Kapitains zur See Hans Langsdorf  of the german cruiser Admiral Graf Spee wit a higher class of this award I assume







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