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Franco-era Spanish badge - What is it?


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By the arms on the front, I think this is Franco era. However, I am wondering what this is actually for and where it is worn? Is it a hat badge or would it go on a belt or sash or something? This feel like brass, but again . . . not sure! Thanks for any help!





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It is a plate for shoulder strap regulated in the 1943 uniformity regulation

The shoulder strap is made up of a five-centimeter-wide gold braid, forming the embroidery with alternating castles and lions. The gallon is lined with red cloth.

On the gallon, and to fix it in the center of the chest, an elliptical sheet of fire-gilded brass is placed. The dimensions of the axes of the same are eight and five and a half centimeters, respectively. It has a die-cut, in its center and with its enamel colors, the emblem of the Army


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