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    I've been trying to find details on the career of this Saxon Officer, famous/infamous in the battle of the Marne. Can someone provide me a brief career outline, decorations. I think he was awarded the PLM. But don't really have any details.


    Dan Cole

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    Oberst Richard Hentsch, born 18 Dec 1869 at K?ln, died 13 Feb 1918 at Bucharest.

    A Saxon infantry officer turned General Staff Officer.

    Sekonde-Lieutenant: 22.1.90 B

    Premier-Lieutenant/Oberleutnant: 21.4.97

    Hauptmann: 19.4.01 H

    Major: 27.3.09 C

    Oberstleutnant: 20.4.14

    Oberst: 17.1.16

    Attached to the Great Prussian General Staff as a Premier-Lieutenant in 1899 he was assigned to the Central Department of the Saxon General Staff in 1901 and further to the staff of XII. Army Corps. On the 23rd of April 1904 he was appointed as a company commander in I.R.103 until 19 Mar 1906 when he was again assigned to the Great Prussian General Staff.

    On the 13th of September 1912 he returned to the General Staff of the XII. Army Corps until the 1st of April 1914 when he went back again to the Great Prussian General Staff. On the 2nd of August 1914 he became head of the "Foreign Armies" Department on the staff of the Field Army in which position he remained until the 12th of September 1915 when he became deputy Chief of Staff (Oberquartiermeister) of the 11th Army.

    Later that month he took over the same position on the staff of Heeresgruppe Mackensen until the 1st of March 1917 when he became the Chief of Staff of the Military Administration in Rumania. He died in this position the following February.

    Awarded the PLM on 23 Sep 1917.



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    Guest Rick Research

    Saxon awards:

    St Henry-Commander 11.11.15

    Albert Order-Officer X 26.9.16

    St Henry-Knight 29.1.15

    Merit Order-Knight 1st X 22.12.14

    Albert Order-Knight 1st 24.5.10 and Crown thereto 13.9.12

    XXV Years Service Cross 1913

    Non Saxon wartime awards (as known)

    Bavarian MMO3XmKr 24.11.14

    W?rttemberg Crown Order-OfficerX 21.12.14

    Prussian HHO3X 2.11.15

    Austro-Hungarian LeopoldOrder 3mKD 1915

    Austro-Hungarian Iron Crown 2mKD 1916

    Austro-Hungarian Franz Joseph-Commander with Star (KD) 1917

    Non Saxon peacetime awards (as known)

    Prussian Red eagle 4th 15.9.03 and Crown thereto 24.9.10

    Prussian Crown 3rd 11/10/11

    Baden OZL-Knight 1st 11.9.12

    Brunswick HO-Knight 1 11.10.11

    Bavarian MMO4mKr 22.10.12

    Mecklenburg Griffin Order-Officer 11.10.11

    Saxe-Ernestine House Order-Commander 22.10.12

    Austro-Hungarian Franz Joseph-Commander 7.6.13

    Rumanian Crown-Commander 22.1.13

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    Thanks Rick,

    Its amazing how a Lt Col singlehandedly stoppped the whole von Schliefen plan! Turning out to be an interesting character. I guess his decoration confirm the notion he was well connected and respected for a Saxon among JUnkers


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